May, 2019

  • 23 May

    3 Things Motivating China’s Position in Trade Negotiations with the US

    China’s reformers seem to have lost the upper hand in recent weeks, making it even less likely that the Chinese will make changes that are compatible with what the U.S. wants. Ultimately, any deal will need to convey to Chinese citizens that President Xi did the right thing for the country.

  • 18 May

    Hydropower Dams Can Harm Coastal Areas Far Downstream

    Thousands of hydropower dams are under construction around the world. New research shows that by cutting off sediment flow, these dams can have big ecological effects on far-off bays and deltas.

  • 16 May

    Why are There So Many Democratic Candidates for President?

    Divisions inside political parties and easy ways for candidates to raise money are among the reasons why.

  • 15 May

    Your Internet Data is Rotting

    MySpace users were recently shocked to learn that the company lost 50 million user files. It's a harsh lesson in not leaving your intellectual property unprotected on the information superhighway.

  • 11 May

    We Need to Reclaim the Original Intent of Mother’s Day

    Mother's Day was originally a call for peace and justice. Some are advocating it be returned to a day of action and reflection.

  • 10 May

    The Black Muslim Female Fashion Trailblazers

    Hijab-wearing model Halima Aden will be featured in Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit edition. Her success needs to be viewed in context of a long history of black Muslim women's fashions.

  • 8 May

    Mueller Report: From ‘Total Exoneration!’ to ‘Impeach Now!’

    How can a community decide the direction it should go, if its members cannot even agree on where they are? Two political scientists say the growing phenomenon of dueling facts threatens democracy.

  • 7 May

    Most of America’s Rural Areas are Doomed to Decline

    The U.S. has been consistently urbanizing, especially for the past 100 years. Technology advances in manufacturing, agriculture, mining, fishing and forestry accelerated migration from rural to urban areas.

  • 7 May

    What Does Ramadan Teach Us?

    The significance of the lessons we learn during Ramadan.

  • 4 May

    Few Knows Why Americans Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

    One survey found that only 10% of Americans could describe the holiday’s origins. The complicated legacy of Cinco de Mayo serves as a reminder that the past is made meaningful in different ways by different people.