October, 2019

  • 29 October

    Is the US Losing the Artificial Intelligence Arms Race?

    Military leaders see the threat to U.S. technological leadership coming from two main sources: a rising and ambitious China and a mischievous and declining Russia. Taken together, these forces challenge global stability.

  • 8 October

    Investigations Usually Hurt a President’s Reputation – But Trump Isn’t Usual

    Investigations often damage the president's approval rating, particularly if the inquiry drags on for a long time. But that may not matter to a historically unpopular president like Trump.

  • 6 October

    America Now Solves Problems with Troops, Not Diplomats

    The U.S. is seen as a threat not simply because it has expanded its use of armed force abroad over time, but because at the same time it has abrogated a number of its own core principles of legitimacy, claims one researcher.

  • 1 October

    Could President Trump be Impeached and Convicted?

    Given the timing of an impeachment vote in the House and a Senate trial, a verdict could be rendered with the 2020 general election campaign in full swing, or even between Election Day and inauguration. This would create serious doubt and deep division about whether a president removed from office could legitimately take the oath of office again.

September, 2019

  • 12 September

    How TV Cameras Influence Candidates’ Debate Success

    People who watch the debates should be vigilant about how their opinions are being influenced not just by what they hear from the candidates, but how they see them on the screen.

  • 10 September

    Don’t Ignore Serious Non-military Threats to US National Security

    If the United States is to remain a leading world power into the future, it must continue to be economically productive and competitive on the world stage in ways beyond military firepower.

  • 7 September

    What is Ashura? How It Inspires Millions

    As historian Yitzhak Nakash points out, the tragedy of Karbala gives Shiite Muslims a common narrative to pass on to the next generations. And commemorating it in multiple ways is an part of their unique identity.

July, 2019

  • 20 July

    Heat stroke: A doctor Offers Tips to Stay Safe as Temperatures Soar

    Heat stroke is preventable – just stay cool and stay hydrated. But during a heat wave that is easier said than done, particularly for the poor and elderly.

  • 16 July

    As Flood Risks Increase Across the US, It’s Time to Recognize the Limits of Levees

    Today Kansas City and many other U.S. river towns are fortified behind levees and floodwalls, but faith in the idea of engineered flood control is starting to erode.

  • 11 July

    How Much is Your Data Worth to Tech Companies?

    If lawmakers want to tackle data privacy, they need to regulate not just data monetization, but more widely address the value and cost of data in people’s lives.