April, 2024

  • 2 April

    America’s Green Manufacturing Boom isn’t Powered by Renewable Energy − Yet

    As investments in a clean energy future accelerate, America will need to reengineer much of its power grid to run on more and more renewables and, simultaneously, electrify everything from cars to factories to homes.

  • 1 April

    Washington is Strangling Young Foreign Policy Professionals

    Many of us now find ourselves whispering our views on what is going on in Gaza, fearful of the impact that speaking out in public may have on our careers.

February, 2024

  • 19 February

    Russian Nukes in Space Would Undermine Global Stability and Ignite an Anti-satellite Arms Race

    Placing nuclear weapons in space could spark a new arms race. Because one purpose of space weapons is to destroy an adversary’s space weapons, the U.S. may respond to Russian weapons with their own. Russia may then counter with new weapons to maintain its advantage. Others, like China, may react to American weapons, which could prompt a response from India, followed by one from Pakistan.

  • 13 February

    Homeland Security Mayorkas Impeached: Is Congress on a Witch Hunt?

    House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA), right, leaves the U.S. Capitol after the House voted to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on February 13, 2024 in Washington, DC. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images   After a failed vote to impeach him the previous week, Republicans in the House of Representatives mustered the barest majority in a second try, 214 to 213, …

December, 2023

  • 16 December

    Water in a Warming World – These Cities are Testing Small-scale Treatment Systems

    San Francisco has emerged as a pioneer in extreme decentralization, with initiatives extending down to the individual building level. In some buildings, water tanks, filters and treatment in the basement make water reusable for activities such as flushing toilets.

  • 6 December

    Kissinger’s Obsession Enabled a Dictatorship That Still Haunts Chile

    Plenty of Chileans still despise Kissinger. On news of his death at the age of 100 on Nov. 29, 2023, Juan Gabriel Valdes, Chile’s ambassador to the U.S., summed up that sentiment when he posted in Spanish on X, the platform previously known as Twitter: “A man has died whose historical brilliance never managed to conceal his profound moral misery.”

November, 2023

  • 29 November

    US Charges India with Plotting to Assassinate Sikh Separatist in New York

    The indictment, unsealed by federal prosecutors in New York, accuses the Indian national of orchestrating a meticulously planned plot to eliminate the Sikh separatist figure within the bustling environs of New York City.

  • 17 November

    Don’t be Fooled by Biden and Xi Talks: China and the US are Enduring Rivals

    Summits like the one in San Francisco signal that both the U.S. and China are jointly committed to at least keep talking, helping ensure that a rocky relationship doesn’t descend into anything more belligerent – even it that doesn’t make them any friendlier.

October, 2023

  • 25 October

    New House Speaker Mike Johnson Leads a GOP Majority Weakened by Declining Party Authority

    The new speaker, despite having been able to pull together his GOP colleagues, will face the same challenges that McCarthy did. The party’s majority will still be small, it will still be divided, and the same forces that have weakened their party’s authority will remain in place.

  • 15 October

    American Farmers are Getting Older, and Youth aren’t Rushing to Join Them

    America’s farming workforce is getting older. If the country doesn’t recruit new farmers or adapt to having fewer, older ones, it could put the nation’s food supply at risk.