February, 2019

  • 16 February

    Can Congress or the Courts Reverse Trump’s National Emergency?

    If Congress does nothing, then the law could become a vehicle for presidential abuse, especially because the act’s language seems to grant the president broad discretion that could insulate an emergency declaration from legal challenge. All eyes should be on Congress.

  • 15 February

    In Amazon We Trust: How The Giant Won Everyone Over (Except NYC)

    Amazon isn’t immune to politicization, of course. After all, its business model of courting cities for massive tax breaks has drawn outrage from those who see it as a strategy of civic shakedown.

  • 8 February

    Bike-friendly Cities Should be Designed for Everyone

    Minorities are driving the bicycling boom, but bike infrastructure investments often neglect their needs. A new study explores what riders in low-income and minority neighborhoods want.

January, 2019

  • 20 January

    5 Ways the Government Shutdown is Harming Struggling Workers

    President Trump’s shutdown is more than a debate around a wall: It is about the low-income, disabled, and indigenous peoples at and within our borders whose lives and economic security he is endangering for political gain.

  • 13 January

    Federal Workers Begin to Feel Pain of Shutdown

    Because many Americans live paycheck to paycheck, the loss of even one can be a big financial blow for a family.

  • 11 January

    What Would Be the Economic Cost of a Prolonged Government Shutdown?

    The government has been partially closed since Dec. 22, making it the second-longest shutdown on record. A finance professor who studied the 2013 shutdown explains the economic impact.

  • 8 January

    Is There a Crisis at the US-Mexico Border? 6 Essential Reads

    Immigration experts explain who's really trying to cross the US-Mexico border, what they want — and why immigration, even undocumented immigration, actually benefits the country.

  • 3 January

    Why Jefferson’s Vision of American Islam Matters Today

    The first two Muslim-American women are in Congress now. They stand in a long and little-known tradition of Islam in America.

  • 3 January

    Nancy Pelosi Victorious

    First elected in 1987, Pelosi offers decades of experience at building coalitions and she excels as a Democratic fundraiser. Still, the vote was closer than expected.

December, 2018

  • 27 December

    US Gun Violence in 2018: 3 Essential Reads

    Why the United States cannot overcome gun violence which took many lives in 2018 as well. Find out here