January, 2023

  • 25 January

    Pakistan’s Forgotten Citizens and the Reality of 1971 Massacres

    ifty-one years ago Pakistan split into two parts within 24 years of its existence. The tragedy of the Fall of Dacca in 1971 is still fresh in sensitive hearts. Unfortunately, in Pakistan even today the discussion goes only on regarding who was responsible for this debacle – the Army or the politicians? Pakistanis are so engrossed in their own internal …

December, 2022

  • 23 December

    Pakistan’s Sherry Rehman: A Leader for Climate Justice

    Recently, we saw Climate Change Minister Sherry Rehman emerge as a strong proponent for climate justice. The UN Climate Change Conference COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, saw her as a vocal advocate standing for Pakistan. Calling other countries to rethink their lifestyles, highlighting the vulnerable position of Pakistan and its inability in tolerating this dystopia, she defended her stance well. …

  • 20 December

    Resurge in Violence: Return of Proxy Terrorism to Pakistan?

    akistan has witnessed a sudden increase in terrorist attacks. Imtiaz Gul analyzes the motives and the support TTP may be receiving in its latest bloody campaign. Courtesy: Matrix Media Youtube channel    

November, 2022

  • 28 November

    The Anarchist is Out and a General is In: What Next for Pakistan?

    Pakistan cannot complete its political reset, and consequently an economic reset, without upholding the law and the constitution. It will have to start by restraining sections of the GHQ from its assertive political role.

August, 2022

  • 28 August

    Pakistan Reeling under Devastating Floods, Massive Death and Destruction

    Almost a thousand people are dead and the country's economy received damage to the tune of $4 billion.

July, 2022

  • 17 July

    Pakistan’s Punjab Province Delivers Stunning Electoral Rebuke

    Now that the election stunner is in, the most frequently asked question remains the consequences of the changed parliamentary calculus in Punjab. The first casualty of this change will be the government of Mian Hamza Sharif, whose government in Punjab has lost its majority.

  • 15 July

    Pakistan May be Headed to More ‘Neutrals’-instigated Turmoil

    An elaborate strategy was finalized at a meeting of the top military brass to influence the July 17 Punjab bye-elections, prepare a favorable public opinion for General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s extension in service, strengthen MQM in Karachi, rebuild the army's public image and intensify the crackdown on the dissenting journalists, social media producers and influencers. Analysts say if true and implemented, this strategy will prove to be dangerous, divisive, and destabilize Pakistan even more.

June, 2022

  • 14 June

    Timely Warnings Avert Loss of Life from Surging Glacier in Pakistan

    Floods rage through the Hunza valley every year from an unstable lake below the Shishper glacier, but an early warning system gives people time to evacuate.

May, 2022

  • 15 May

    The Looming Climate-security Crisis in South Asia

    Extreme weather has been called a ‘threat multiplier’ — feeding into existing social and political problems and making them even worse.

  • 10 May

    Why Imran Khan’s Coup Theory is So Popular in Pakistan

    An irate outgoing prime minister accuses the US of orchestrating his demise in government because he refused to play ball.