March, 2018

  • 18 March

    Pakistan: The ‘Indirect’ Fraud

    Pakistan’s Senate was conceived to be a forum for representation of provinces, it has become a representative of political parties which is contrary to its intended task.

  • 4 March

    Pakistan: Mutiny by the Blue-eyed

    Those who plot against the state and resort to mutiny must never be allowed to remain in government for even one day. The crime against an individual can be condoned but anything against the state tantamounts to destroying the whole edifice and razing it to ground, Pakistan will head into anarchy if action is not taken immediately.

February, 2018

  • 17 February

    Walnut Trees in Pakistan’s Chitral Destroyed for A Transmission Line

    Locals allege that a transmission line has led to the destruction of thousands of trees, including protected walnut species, without proper permission, as a power plant comes up in Chitral.

  • 11 February

    CPEC: Beware of Thieves

    Pakistani political parties probably need to agree on a new social contract around Pak-China friendship. Guided by the grand political consensus on relations with China, this contract should envisage remedies for problems that are arising out of the business and investment activity, argues one analyst.

  • 6 February

    Raping Pakistan Steel Mills

    Who is protecting the corrupt in Pakistan's political establishment? Pakistan's anti-corruption authorities have failed to bring to justice the culprits responsible for bringing the country's once profit-making steel mills into an enterprise that has gone bankrupt.

January, 2018

  • 31 January

    Why Pakistan Can’t Defeat Banned Groups

    When a narrative loses appeal it simply requires a review. Harping on lost arguments creates only confusion and distraction. Banned militant groups are continuously giving Pakistan diplomatic stress, which Islamabad needs to address sooner than later.

  • 27 January

    Pakistan Pavillion at Davos

    Davos is a unique opportunity to showcase Pakistan, it is imperative that major Pakistani business leaders use the Davos platform to be counted as the outstanding entrepreneurs they are.

  • 15 January

    Pakistan’s Trump Card

    The US will eventually come to the home truth that a strong and vibrant Pakistan is critical to its interests in the region, there is no solution in Afghanistan without Pakistan.  

  • 7 January

    More Pakistanis Died in ‘Encounters’ Than in Suicide Attacks in 2017

    Deaths in violent incidents declined by 21 percent but sectarian violence escalated compared to 2016, Islamabad CRSS says in a report.

  • 6 January

    Will Elections be Delayed in Pakistan?

    Instead of making the elections controversial and adding to Pakistan’s problems, elections should be deferred with consultations among all stakeholders. This delay will also allow elongation of the Senate’s life for a short time.