May, 2024

  • 9 May

    Rights Groups: Repression in Pakistan Worse 1 Year After Assault on Military Installations

    Human rights defenders say political repression in Pakistan has increased in the year since supporters of former Prime Minister Imran Khan stormed military properties to protest his arrest. VOA Pakistan bureau chief Sarah Zaman has the details. Courtesy: VOA English

  • 8 May

    Pakistani Military Admits to Political Meddling, Wants Khan to Apologize

    The implied admission of blatant political interference by Pakistani generals has plunged the South Asian nation further into turmoil, potentially eroding the facade of civilian governance altogether.

March, 2024

  • 16 March

    Gaza, Pakistan and Erosion of Rule of Law

    The message is loud and clear: we need a cool-down period for healing and for putting the country back on the path.

February, 2024

  • 19 February

    Political Uncertainty in Pakistan May Hinder IMF Financing Agreement, Warns Fitch Ratings

    The growing evidence of the involvement of Pakistani military-led establishment in unprecedented rigging in the February 8 elections, which have clearly been won by the opposition Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf whose leader and former prime minister Imran Khan remains in jal, has put Pakistan on the slippery slope of unending cycle of political instability. Economists across the spectrum agree that Pakistan needs political stability, peace and major economic reforms to salvage its tanked economy, which as of now remains a distant possibility.

  • 18 February

    Pakistan’s Majority Defies its Military Establishment

    As the jockeying to form the next government heats up, analysts are calling the election a mandate against the military.

  • 14 February

    Pakistan’s Rigged Elections May Bring Military-aligned Government

    Five days following the general election in Pakistan, both the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) have unveiled strategies to establish governmental control. The PTI is aligning with religious factions, while the PPP is forming a coalition with its rival, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN). The country could see a repeat performance of the PDM government that …

  • 9 February

    Lead Diminishes for Imran Khan’s PTI Amid Vote Rigging Allegations

    Pakistan’s military systematically disassembled Imran Khan’s PTI party, repeatedly arresting senior members and even targeting their children and party workers, with some facing trial in anti-terrorism courts. To maintain momentum, PTI has resorted to creative tactics, such as organizing large virtual political demonstrations and gatherings, even in the face of internet disruptions.

September, 2023

  • 26 September

    Book Review: The Tribal Pakhtun as ‘Fixer’

    Going by the warlike history of the region, journalism and the fixer within it become “short term slavery” in the service of relentless imperialist forces that have long kept the region unstable.

  • 19 September

    US Policy of ‘Pragmatic Engagement’ Risks Legitimatizing Taliban Rule

    The Biden administration has a choice: Try to keep the Doha deal alive by pressuring the Taliban into intra-Afghan talks, or accept that the deal is now dead. Either way, “pragmatic engagement” with the Taliban has shown itself to be wanting.

  • 2 September

    U.S.-Pakistan Diplomacy: Balancing Defense Ties Amid Democratic Dilemmas

    Should Ogles’ amendment gain traction and ultimately pass, it stands to overshadow the intentions and potential benefits of the CIS-MOA. Such an outcome would stress the intricacies and nuances of international diplomacy, showcasing how geopolitical strategies and the pursuit of democratic values can sometimes clash, mostly to the detriment of a country like Pakistan.