July, 2019

  • 19 July

    Open Letter to President Donald Trump: Don’t Heed Vested Interest

    The July 22 meeting offers an historic opportunity to both of you to seize for the larger collective benefit of people in the US, Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

  • 16 July

    Falsification and Perjury

    If liars and cheaters are exempted by the law and the society what kind of example is given to the rest of Pakistan especially to the younger generation, asks defense analyst Sehgal while referring to the so-called video scandal.

  • 9 July

    Why is China So Deferential to Pakistan?

    In the China-Pakistan context, China has scrupulously abided by the principles of non-intervention and non-interference in our internal affairs. Both countries share the vision for a just, peaceful and prosperous world, writes Pakistan's former foreign secretary.

  • 9 July

    Pakistan: Bringing Thieves to Justice

    Pakistan's current accountability drive is necessary not only to put its economy on a healthier track and try to bring stolen money back but also to punish corruption and the corrupt and bring back justice into society.

June, 2019

  • 26 June

    Ghani’s Pakistan Visit: Anchored in Rare Realism?

    Afghan President Ghani’s decision to break through the walls of rancor and suspicion is an extremely welcome step. It will hopefully reset the relationship to the benefit of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

  • 23 June

    FATF Post-Orlando: Pakistan Off the Hook But What Next?

    Pakistan is off the hook – at least for the time being. But the real test ahead is Pakistan must complete all 27 points of the FATF AP by September 2019.

  • 17 June

    Pakistan: Above the Law

    The reference against Pakistan's two justices of the higher judiciary will have to prove their worth during the course they will have to take. But an important signpost has been erected by this reference, namely that nobody can claim to be above the law and laws apply to each and everybody.

  • 15 June

    Pakistan: Bad Math — Big Blunders

    Why is math illiteracy so rampant in Pakistan and why it has good soldiers but not a single top-level mathematician anywhere in the world, wonders one academic.

  • 11 June

    Accepting Unity in Diversity

    In Pakistan there is an unfortunate tendency to force uniformity on people in the mistaken attempt to create unity. This unfortunate idea has had a backlash on Pakistan before, in 1971 half of the country was lost because of the efforts of the central government to unify the nation in its early days by bringing about a uniform language and declaring Urdu the sole national language, etc.

  • 9 June

    How is China Influencing Pakistan’s Reset?

    Did the advice of Chinese President to Pakistan’s army chief set in motion an unusual Sino-Pak synergy of thought and action and simply reset Pakistan’s strategic, political and economic outlook?