South Asia

November, 2018

  • 8 November

    Misusing Religion

    False flag operations, misinformation, incitement of people to rioting and revolt are means of hybrid warfare that is increasingly waged in Pakistan, as was seen during the shutdown by the supporters of TLP extremists in Pakistan.

  • 8 November

    Afghan Reconciliation Initiatives: Vindication of Pakistan?

    The message from Beijing, Moscow, Turkey, and Tehran, as well as most central Asian Republics, is loud and clear; Pakistan alone cannot be held responsible for the problem as well as the resolution.

  • 4 November

    The Eurasian Concept

    An alternative or multipolar version of globalization, the Eurasian Idea accepts globalization as the current major fundamental world process deciding the main vector of modern history.

  • 1 November

    Pakistan’s Image and Diplomacy: Will Somebody Stand Up Please!

    Who lobbies for Pakistan in Washington DC and why the country's image continues to suffer badly. Is it because of bad or no diplomacy or serious policy flaws or a combination of both? Imtiaz Gul analyzes the pulse in DC.

October, 2018

  • 29 October

    Protecting Pakistan’s Accountability Process

    The country's corrupt and the powerful would like nothing better than to either dismantle the accountability office and/or make it as toothless as possible so that they can keep on looting the nation with impunity.

  • 25 October

    US is Watching Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal

    Islamabad and Rawalpindi have formidable tasks ahead; finding a balance between safeguarding “national interests” on the one hand, and addressing the “primary priorities” of Washington vis-a-vis Pakistan, on the other.

  • 21 October

    Hybrid Warfare Challenges for Pakistan

    In a globalized world, nationalism with the idea of fixed borders and the understanding that my own nation is better than that of people and nations beyond one’s borders is outdated. That is why there is a need to substitute the nationalist idea with patriotism in education and media.

  • 18 October

    Defending Corruption is Anti-State and Unconstitutional

    Accountability is fundamentally flawed when nepotism at the highest reaches of government and society emasculates the political will to root out corruption.

  • 17 October

    Spreading Falsehood and Distorting Facts

    While Pakistan’s anti-corruption authorities may have enough evidence to bring the powerful involved in massive corruption to justice, but what should the law do with those who deliberately spread false stories to enable the corrupt to escape justice?

  • 5 October

    Hybrid Warfare

    This new form of warfare avoiding a clear differentiation between war and peace, soldiers and civilians is practices by all sides of the different divides. The US definition characterizes Hybrid Warfare as “Synchronized use of multiple instruments of power tailored to specific vulnerabilities across the full spectrum of societal functions to achieve synergistic effects.”