South Asia

March, 2015

  • 29 March

    Pakistan: The Crossroads of Credibility

    Pakistan is at a dangerous crossroads, lip-service to the rule of law and accountability thereof erodes the credibility of governance that it desperately needs.

  • 26 March

    Being Christian in India

    The NRIs who funded the Modi campaign will not be pleased about the damage to India’s image just as they are beginning to be proud of the country’s emerging global position. Nor will they appreciate the backlash that might affect them sooner or later, as news spreads to churches abroad about the vandalizing of Christian churches, the rape of nuns in Kolkata and Orissa, and the burning down of a Delhi church.

  • 24 March

    Pakistan, China and the Economic Corridor

    If realized, the Pakistan-China Economic Corridor will not only benefit Pakistan in terms of improvement of its economy and security condition, but also contribute to regional peace, stability and prosperity.

  • 21 March

    Bangladesh’s Democracy Sinks into the Mire

    Bangladesh's government is unlikely to treat the unrest as a political crisis and call fresh elections. Given this, both ruling parties must do what they can to avoid further political turmoil in Bangladesh by taking the initiative to pull back from their own dogmatic positions and to restrain violence by embarking on a dialogue to overcome the challenges facing the country because of democratic paralysis and systemic violence.

  • 18 March

    Crafting a Constitution for Nepal

    In Nepal, there are hurdles to the constitution drafting that have to be resolved urgently if the radical leftists and the royalist right are not to blow away hard-won freedoms. As a player in Nepal politics, the best support India can provide is by staying outside the convention of constitution writing.

  • 16 March

    Afghanistan’s Cosmetic Surgery ‘Boom’

    What the recent boom in the cosmetic industry means for the Afghanistan's middle class.

  • 15 March

    Pakistan’s Polio Challenge: A Crippling Fear

    Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan provinces are prone to a large outbreak of polio if they do not reform their immunization drives.

  • 11 March

    Not Really Cricket

    Pakistan needs those involved in its World Cup cricket team selection to keep the national interest before personal likes and dislikes. But then this is Pakistan where merit is a disqualifier both in sports and politics.

  • 10 March

    India’s Abandoned Daughter

    The message of the Indian state is clear from its response to the documentary India’s Daughter. Rape is permissible and normal, but a film which is an insult to the nation state is taboo. When culture is under threat, the vulnerability of women, the obscenity and the banality of rape are inconsequential.

  • 9 March

    Pakistan and the Crucible of Terror

    There is a formidable challenge in reversing the consequences of Pakistan’s flawed policies of ‘strategic depth’ and containing the contagion of religious radicalization. Until the government, and its entire security apparatus, drastically revises its strategic matrix, divorces itself from the radical groups it helped create and draws up an internal security strategy, it will find it hard to shake off the image that Pakistan is the crucible of terrorism.