South Asia

January, 2019

  • 7 January

    Hydro-Powering Peace in South Asia

    Policymakers in South Asia should consider that while proximate environmental conflicts are the key impediments to region's hydro projects, environmental factors can also be instrumental in building lasting peace.

  • 6 January

    Do Pakistani Laws Provide Justice?

    Fighting corruption is a demanding task everywhere in the world but it is especially difficult in Pakistan where most to the ruling class and sitting politicians are part of the problems rather than of the solution.

  • 5 January

    Small Hydropower Transforms Pakistan’s Mountain Communities

    In a country ridden by electricity shortages, some of the most remote villages in Pakistan's Hindu Kush Himalayas now enjoy a steady flow, at least during the summer months.

  • 3 January

    Is the Modi Charisma Fading?

    Leaders like Narendra Modi run the danger of becoming their own nemesis.

  • 1 January

    Gangsters’ Haven

    When criminals function in the name of justice, justice becomes a crime! Corruption being anti-state is treason, aiding and abetting it in any form amounts to gross violation of the Constitution.

December, 2018

  • 18 December

    Perjury Sustains Corruption

    Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan cannot expect others to believe in the integrity of his struggle for justice while a public perception exists that he is applying different standards for some of his close aides and associates. Indeed they seem to be calling the shots in the governance of this regime both overtly or covertly.

  • 8 December

    Trump Request for Help: Booby-Trap?

    In short, Pakistan’s diplomacy is on trial for sure; it, of course, should help its neighbors and also work together with the US for peace in Afghanistan. But one would hope – that for the short-term objective of accommodating US plans – it does not walk into a booby trap in an already explosive situation.

  • 8 December

    Pakistan’s PM Needs Better Advice

    Advisors of exceptional stature and competence cannot be found through tenders, they have to be companions in the political fight. Big egos are usually rather a hindrance than an asset in the search for good advisers.

  • 3 December

    U-Turn in Decision Making

    Leaders must have the ability to be flexible and to change their plans to match the reality of the emerging situation, domestic and foreign. They must be capable of embracing change and treating uncertainty and ambiguity as the new norm otherwise the nation will face problems.

November, 2018

  • 20 November

    Projecting Falsehood by Propaganda

    What do you think of a “democracy” where an elected Parliament passes resolutions to enable the corrupt to escape justice?