South Asia

March, 2016

  • 7 March

    Historical Baggage at Kabul Airport

    A Pakistani parliamentarian’s experience at Kabul airport reveals the deep mistrust between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

  • 7 March

    The Needy and the Greedy

    When establishing the rule of law becomes the domain of those who live outside the rule of law, accountability becomes a figment of imagination. When criminals function in the name of justice, justice becomes a crime.

  • 2 March

    View from Kabul: Obstacles to Afghan Peace Process

    The intra-Afghan peace talks are up against multiple internal and external challenges. There has been a surge in Taliban attacks alongside increasingly conflicting views on the peace process within Afghanistan’s National Unity Government – reflected in the pro-Karzai and pro-Ghani camps.

February, 2016

  • 29 February

    View from India: Breakdown of Law and Media Trial

    Two forms of nationalism emerging are emerging in India —an aggressive, dominating and capable of assaults while the second one being democratic and demanding the right to dissent.

  • 29 February

    One Threat a Day Keeps Accountability Away!

    Controlling nepotism and corruption will encourage genuine economic resurgence, not one based on fudged statistics. The pursuit of accountability is a zero-sum game pursued without fear or favor, unfortunately political nuances, client-patron relationships and self-interest that go with it have been compromising its process.

  • 25 February

    Private Dam Builders Back Out of Brahmaputra Dams

    Arunachal Pradesh’s ‘dam rush’ seems to be over with most private players yet to start on the projects and asking the public sector to take over.

  • 24 February

    Travels at the Expense of the National Exchequer

    One official of Pakistani government shares his experience of how the country’s powerful ruling political elite abuse their position to enjoy undue perks in violation of laws of the land.

  • 22 February

    Great Guns

    What does Pakistan need these F16s for? And why is the Obama administration ready ignore protests by India, which the US president had so far been calling a natural ally? Does it really reflect a new sense of justice towards Pakistan by a hitherto-skeptical United States? And what did India really want to achieve by publicly sharing its displeasure?

  • 22 February

    Pakistan: CPEC Security Challenges

    Some countries consider China Pakistan Economic Corridor a strategic threat to their military and economic interests and pervasive influence in the region.

  • 22 February

    Afghanistan: New Negotiator

    Being a pragmatic politician, the new head of Afghanistan’s High Peace Council Pir Syed Ahmad Gilani is fully conscious of popular aspirations for stability in the country. Under no circumstance can he afford to allow a recurrence of tactical failures that often lead to strategic defeat.