January, 2021

  • 14 January

    Exposing the Fake News War Against Pakistan

    The Indian Chronicles report may now represent an opportunity for Pakistan — whose image is reeling from the consequences of the long-term campaign from India mounted against it — to set things right through astute diplomacy.

December, 2020

  • 27 December

    Why India is Accused of Subverting the UN Charter

    In a series of articles, a Pakistani magazine, MATRIX MAG, is reproducing parts of the EU DisInfo Lab report to explain how one member of the United Nations indulged in disinformation, slander, and fake news against another member.

  • 25 December

    Trans-Asian Railway: Gateway for South and Southeast Asia

    Trying to be a regional power on its way to being a global one, India is turning a blind eye to the fact that while Eurasia is a reality mainly because of BRI. The time of world leaders, global or even regional powers dominating others is vanishing and a multipolar world is in the making.

  • 10 December

    EU DisinfoLab Exposes Indian Network Lobbying Against Pakistan

    An investigation by an independent Brussels-based watchdog reveals pro-Indian campaign aimed at defaming Pakistan.

  • 9 December

    Why are Farmers Protesting in India?

    Loss of faith in government due to its perceived failure on multiple fronts regarding agrarian issues in the last 11 months has now boiled over.

  • 5 December

    China’s Brahmaputra Dam Plan Strains Relations with India Further

    Powerchina’s announcement it will build a mega dam could spur a dam-building race with India, with disastrous consequences for the ecology of the region.

November, 2020

  • 19 November

    Resetting China–Sri Lanka Relations for a Biden Presidency

    With US president-elect Joe Biden due to be inaugurated in January 2021, the time is ripe to reassess the state of China–Sri Lanka relations given Sri Lanka’s strategic location in the center of the Indian Ocean.

  • 17 November

    Is Bangladesh Stuck on the Periphery of Asia Because of India?

    India has self-isolated from the core of Asia, but Bangladesh cannot remain shivering in the cold outside, says one analyst.

October, 2020

  • 16 October

    View from Bangladesh: How Grateful is India?

    One Bangladeshi writer laments how India disrespects his nation despite it being grateful for Delhi's help in his country's liberation war. "Our neighboring nation should have had a more mature attitude after all these years," he says.

  • 15 October

    Video: The Human Costs of the Baglihar Dam in Kashmir

    A decade after being displaced by the Baglihar Dam in Indian-administered Kashmir, locals are caught in a web of poverty and debt with some experiencing mental health issues as a result of losing everything.