March, 2019

  • 19 March

    View from India: What Has Changed Post-Balakot

    Not much — the post-Pulwama attack timeline shows that India did not cross any Pakistani red line.

  • 6 March

    Despite De-escalation with India, Pakistan Faces Heavy Odds!

    How can the state tolerate an outfit that continues to hemorrhage Pakistan internationally more than anything else? Isn’t it about time to terminate the red herring that is being used to drag and muddy Pakistan’s image? Given the existing desire for doing so, this will be achievable only through a united and pro-active civil-military leadership. They shall have to ‘walk the talk’ through demonstrable indiscriminate actions against all non-state actors.

  • 3 March

    View from India: Living on the Edge

    One analyst says India and Pakistan need to find a way to keep de-escalating tensions without either losing face.

February, 2019

  • 28 February

    Why India Wants Kashmir But Not Kashmiris?

    India cannot keep the people of Kashmir under its rule through brutal suppression and human rights violations. The only solution is implementation of UN resolution calling for plebiscite in the disputed region.

  • 17 February

    Views from Pakistan and India on Kashmir Attack

    India is being advised to be careful in its response to the Kashmir attack. One Pakistani analyst calls on cooler heads on both sides to defuse the situation while The Hindu, one of India's respected dailies, calls on Pakistan to act against Jaish-e-Mohammad, the group that has taken responsibility for the deadly attack.

January, 2019

  • 22 January

    Afghanistan: Should India Talk to the Taliban?

    The question is what should India do? Talk to the Taliban or stay away and hope for the best?

  • 14 January

    Trade War Bad news for South Asia

    South Asia runs the grave risk of becoming caught in the US-China turf war and being forced into non-inclusive and unbalanced trade relations.

  • 14 January

    If General Rawat Can Talk to Taliban, Why Not to Kashmiris?

    The Indian Army chief rejects unconditional talks with separatists and militants in Indian-administered Kashmir, asserting that any talks in the Valley will be ‘on our terms’. That is plain hypocrisy.

  • 7 January

    Hydro-Powering Peace in South Asia

    Policymakers in South Asia should consider that while proximate environmental conflicts are the key impediments to region's hydro projects, environmental factors can also be instrumental in building lasting peace.

  • 3 January

    Is the Modi Charisma Fading?

    Leaders like Narendra Modi run the danger of becoming their own nemesis.