September, 2019

  • 15 September

    Lebensraum in Reverse – Modi Hitlerian Apprentice

    Germany went to war against the Soviet Union mainly for “Lebensraum” (living room), territory needed for its national development. Modi is creating Lebensraum in reverse, pushing the minority population mainly Muslims, out to create space for the Hindu population. It will be interesting to see how Hasina Wajid deals with this, after all the deportees will have nowhere to go but Bangladesh.

  • 10 September

    Article 15 of the Indian Constitution – A Sham

    There is no doubt that the proclaimed secularism of India and the rights of minorities there are a sham. The Constitution that enshrines the rights of the Indian people has been violated from day one multiple times, the scrapping of Article 370 is only the latest step in a long row of violations.

  • 7 September

    Myth of Media Freedom in India

    Press freedom has deteriorated over the past five years in India for a variety of reasons, the most important being the rule of right-wing Hindutva nationalists who try to redefine India and Indians.

  • 2 September

    Fascist Ideologies: Nazi and Hindutva Swastikas

    Described as "almost fascist in the classical sense", the Hindutva movement adheres to a concept of homogenized majority and cultural hegemony.

  • 2 September

    India’s Perfidy With the International Community

    Modi’s plans aside, his colonial action will backfire and serve as a blessing for the Kashmiris. India’s misadventure has in fact paved the way for Pakistan to internationalize the issue. It is now established that India is an illegal occupier and it ultimately will have to leave the entire Kashmir. 

August, 2019

  • 15 August

    India’s Scrapping of Article 370 in Occupied J&K Sparks Fears in Mizoram

    View from India: New Delhi's's unilateral and illegal actions against occupied Jammu and Kashmir have triggered fears in the Christian-dominated northeastern Indian state of Mizoram, which is given special protection under provision of Article 371G of Indian constitution, that came into effect after the signing of Mizo peace accord in 1986.

  • 15 August

    Modi Ushers in a New Intolerant India and Revokes Multicultural Democracy

    The Modi government, in ushering a new era of “one nation (read Hindu), one India,” has completely misunderstood the original intent of the special provisions for Jammu and Kashmir. The space for minorities, particularly Muslims and the tribal population in northeast India, has shrunk. Outside Jammu and Kashmir, Article 371, which gives constitutional and legal status and powers to those tribal communities in acknowledgment of their distinct culture and practices, also appears to be in jeopardy.

July, 2019

  • 11 July

    View from India: A Pre-election Strike on Iran?

    Why a purportedly ‘limited’ attack by the U.S. is likely — and worrying.

June, 2019

  • 6 June

    Iftar Dinners and South Asia’s Week of Shame

    Jay Shankar, India's new minister for external affairs, perhaps offers some faint hope of Modi departing from the Ajit Doval-induced “stay strict with Pakistan” doctrine, says one Pakistani analyst.

  • 1 June

    Have Modi and BJP Ended Dynastic Politics in India?

    The recent voting pattern in India has unfolded the revulsion people had long held for dynastic politics, but were unable to manifest, because of the lack of alternative leadership. With ubiquitous media, this has been taken care of.