April, 2017

  • 4 April

    Bury the Past, Not the Future

    Pakistan and Bangladesh must assiduously try to work toward true reconciliation by facing down the demons of the past, forgive each other for the excesses from either side and set aside the lingering acrimony and bitterness.

  • 2 April

    Pakistan Ranked Happiest Country in South Asia

    Pakistan is ranked as the happiest country in South Asia. Israel in Middle East, Uzbekistan in Central Asia, Costa Rica in Central and South America and Algeria in Africa are ranked happiest countries in their respective regions in the 2017 World Happiness Report.

March, 2017

  • 24 March

    Revisiting Operation ‘Searchlight’

    Militarily “Operation Searchlight” was necessary as a pre-emptive strike. That an outstanding military success would end in a horrible human catastrophe and an unmitigated political disaster was also inevitable. Has anyone really been held accountable in Pakistan?

  • 21 March

    Bangladesh: ‘Suicidal Deals with India Unacceptable’

    The approaching visit of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in April 7-10 to India, the worries are more in Bangladesh, the apprehension that she might be intimidated to give in to India’s interest at the cost of that of Bangladesh.

  • 21 March

    Flowing in the Right Direction

    Bangladesh has achieved significant development in terms of water security, but it has a lot more to do.

  • 16 March

    Bangladesh Drifting Towards Radicalization

    The South Asian nation is witnessing increasing incidence of terrorism, with government increasingly succumbing to the growing political power of religious extremists. The IS and Al-Qaeda-affiliated groups are showing growing presence in Chittagong and other regions in southeast Bangladesh.

  • 13 March

    Bangladesh: An African Path to Prosperity?

    Whether Bangladesh succeeds in meeting its challenges will depend on its ability to improve its infrastructure and tax collection, its willingness to deal with governance and corruption, and to deepen economic inclusion. Few would, on the record of the last 20 years, bet against it.

January, 2016

  • 5 January

    Bangladesh Transforms Despite its Vicious Politics

    The past 25 years have seen astonishing and unexpected transformations in social and economic welfare. Unless something extraordinary happens, Bangladesh looks to be headed for a political transformation involving the decline of at least one political dynasty.

December, 2015

  • 18 December

    Bangladesh: Joining the Saudi Coalition Would be a Bad Idea

    Joining the Saudi coalition is an awful idea that can bring tidal waves of retaliation killing to Bangladesh in the process. Every moron and their nephew will now open a Da’esh franchise in Bangladesh, warns one analyst..

November, 2015

  • 16 November

    Living with Unsafe Water in Dhaka

    Contaminated tap water puts millions at risk in Bangladesh’s capital because of the city’s vast network of damaged underground pipes and lack of waste disposal.