July 21, 2018

Raping Pakistan Steel Mills

Who is protecting the corrupt in Pakistan's political establishment? Pakistan's anti-corruption authorities have failed to bring to justice the culprits responsible for bringing the country's once profit-making steel mills into an enterprise that has gone bankrupt. Read More »

Why Pakistan Can’t Defeat Banned Groups

When a narrative loses appeal it simply requires a review. Harping on lost arguments creates only confusion and distraction. Banned militant groups are continuously giving Pakistan diplomatic stress, which Islamabad needs to address sooner than later. Read More »

India’s Population Explosion And Govt. Inaction

The most threatening crisis facing India is that of population explosion. But the national leadership remains indifferent despite knowing that it is stuck in a now-or-never situation. Read More »

Pakistan Pavillion at Davos

Davos is a unique opportunity to showcase Pakistan, it is imperative that major Pakistani business leaders use the Davos platform to be counted as the outstanding entrepreneurs they are. Read More »

Pakistan’s Trump Card

The US will eventually come to the home truth that a strong and vibrant Pakistan is critical to its interests in the region, there is no solution in Afghanistan without Pakistan.   Read More »

More Pakistanis Died in ‘Encounters’ Than in Suicide Attacks in 2017

Deaths in violent incidents declined by 21 percent but sectarian violence escalated compared to 2016, Islamabad CRSS says in a report. Read More »

Will Elections be Delayed in Pakistan?

Instead of making the elections controversial and adding to Pakistan’s problems, elections should be deferred with consultations among all stakeholders. This delay will also allow elongation of the Senate’s life for a short time. Read More »

Afghan Peace Challenge

The year 2018 may further complicate the already tense relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan, fears one analyst. Read More »

Nepal’s Leftist Victory And the Changing Trans-Himalayan Order

With a leftist-alliance government at federal and most provincial levels, Nepal has the chance to work on the diversification of its overwhelming dependence on India by connecting more with China. Read More »

Yet Another Round of Optimism in Pak-Afghan Relations

Whether Afghanistan’s present internal political polarization and external factors will permit any forward movement in its tricky relations with Pakistan is a huge question mark. Read More »