October, 2014

  • 23 October

    Cricket: South Africa May Have Already Replaced Kallis

    While there is much talk about replacing Jacques Kallis as a bowler, closer inspection would reveal they’ve actually done so already, without even realizing it. It’s now about fine-tuning the resources and getting the best out of them before the 2015 World Cup.

  • 19 October

    The Roots of Radicalism in Kenya

    The Kenyan government’s response to terrorism may have made the problem worse, says one researcher. The government, says the researcher, needs to create political space to permit expression of political frustrations and interests other than through the use of violence.

  • 16 October

    The Origins of Russia’s New Conflict with the West

    Neither Russia nor the West expected such a deep – and for now irreparable – crisis in their relations. The West responded to the annexation of Crimea and to Russia’s egregious violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty with economic sanctions. Putin’s abrupt policy moves, aggravated by the sanctions, precipitated Russia’s economic and social decline. But the West has been unable to make …

  • 15 October

    Bosniak Party Mulls Options After Bosnia Election Win

    After Bosnia's main Bosniak party, SDA, won most votes in the general election, it is tipped to form a new state government with the two largest Serbian and Croatian parties.

  • 13 October

    Ukraine and Europe May Face Gas Crisis This Winter

    Even with the established reverse flow capacity from Europe, accumulated gas in Ukrainian gas storages, and reduced consumption in the industrial sector due economic collapse and war in the east, Ukraine might still face a severe gas shortage this coming winter, risking the security of supplies to all of Europe.

  • 12 October

    Turkey’s Islamic State Challenge

    Once the IS problem is defused, though, the conundrum of what to do with Assad will return. It is doubtful that the international community is really willing to pursue regime change in Damascus, so Turkey may have no choice but to soften its rhetoric and seek a diplomatic exit strategy from the Syrian quagmire.  Otherwise, the civil war could conceivably go on for years to come and continue to destabilize the entire region.

  • 9 October

    Latin America/Caribbean: Progress in Fight Against Hunger

    Latin American and the Caribbean has shown most progress in reducing hunger, lowering the rate by almost two-thirds since the early 1990s. The region continues to be the region with the greatest inequality in the world; women in rural areas and indigenous communities have the highest rate of poverty and food insecurity.

  • 8 October

    Syria War: Implications of Battle for Kobani

    The reason that Turkey supports ISIL and al-Nusra's war against the Kurds is that it seeks to prevent a Kurdish autonomous region on its southern border with Syria. By eliminating "Rojava," the Kurdish appellation for "West Kurdistan," Turkey also hopes to further weaken the Kurdish nationalist movements, especially the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and its politically affiliated organizations.

  • 8 October

    UK Court Revokes Immunity of Bahraini Prince

    The son of the King of Bahrain, Prince Nasser Bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, may have to revise his travel itinerary — the London High Court has ruled that the royal son is no longer immune from prosecution in UK courts over torture claims.

  • 8 October

    Your Phone Screen Just Won the Nobel Prize

    Last year it was for an elusive particle, but this year the ubiquitous LED takes its place on the Nobel rostrum.