Periscope – World in Focus

May, 2020

  • 16 May

    Global Military Expenditure Sees Largest Annual Increase in a Decade

    Global military spending in 2019 represented 2.2 per cent of the global gross domestic product (GDP), which equates to approximately $249 per person.

  • 14 May

    How Africa Can Reduce COVID-19’s Impact on Displaced Persons

    Swift positions taken by the AU could be stymied by ongoing conflicts, funding shortfalls and border closures.

  • 13 May

    Which Middle Eastern Regional Power Will Win Afghanistan?

    As the US prepares to withdraw from Afghanistan, the regional powers of the Middle East will have a chance to expand their spheres of influence to the war-torn country. Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates will soon take their competition to the next level.

  • 10 May

    Is the Honeymoon Over? UAE and India Poised for Breakup Over Muslim Beatings

    This latest debacle shows that the corona crisis is shaking up friendships which seemed infallible. But the UAE stands out in the GCC region as the most likely country to go “rogue” with its geopolitics starting with a row with India over beatings which have increased following the corona pandemic.

  • 1 May

    In What Three Ways People are Reacting to Coronavirus

    While support for the extraordinary measures appears incredibly uniform, their impact and our underlying attitudes are not, as a new segmentation analysis from King’s College London shows.

April, 2020

  • 28 April

    VIDEO: What Does Lockdown Mean for the World’s Poor?

    What does lockdown mean for the world's poor? This documentary finds out - by asking them

March, 2020

  • 31 March

    COVID-19 in Nigeria: To Test or Not To Test

    It is quite clear that the world is now dealing with two pandemics instead of one. The first is the virus. The second is fear and, in many cases, outright panic.

  • 19 March

    A Global Problem Requiring a Global Solution

    The G20 has the opportunity and the obligation to step up to provide the global leadership we require to confront a virus that knows no borders but is causing a loss of confidence and increased volatility in global markets.

  • 8 March

    What Would Khalifa Haftar’s Libya Look Like?

    The general’s global supporters shouldn’t just focus on whether he can win, but what victory would mean.

February, 2020

  • 17 February

    Youth & Reforms: Highlights of Azerbaijan Snap Elections 2020

    Azerbaijan is just finished with its snap elections and there are several lessons to be learned from it. Women empowerment, free fair elections and equal opportunity for all were the basic guidelines the elections were held upon.