Periscope – World in Focus

September, 2014

  • 7 September

    ISIS and Dilemma of Sunni Arab States

    The reason why Sunni Gulf States support the IS is its strong opposition to the Shiites. It is not just Iran, which is 90 percent Shiite, that the Gulf Arabs believe to be a threat, but the Shiite population in their own countries. But the Saudis recently seem to have realized that their support of the IS and jihadism has resulted in the “chickens coming home to roost.”

  • 2 September

    Gaza Blockade — No Signs of Loosening

    Despite Israel and Hamas entering a ceasefire, aid groups are reporting no relaxation in Gaza’s crippling blockade by Israel. Some analysts are warning that the threat of the deal collapsing is real, especially as there appear to be few enforcing mechanisms.

August, 2014

  • 31 August

    Will Scotland Break Away from the United Kingdom?

    The Scottish question to be asked on September 18 will be answered for at least a generation, perhaps longer if the “No” campaign has a resounding victory.

  • 27 August

    Libya: The House of Cards Has Collapsed

    Ever since Gaddafi’s exit from the Libyan, the country has been a state in name alone, held together by a delicate balancing act of rival militias. But even this is now beginning to unravel, with devastating consequences for the country – and, potentially, for the rich Gulf petro-states who are watching these developments with barely-disguised terror. And unfortunately for them, no amount of unilateral airstrikes are likely to help.

  • 23 August

    Cambodia Breaks Political Deadlock, at Last

    Cambodia’s political outlook will depend on the ability of the ruling and opposition parties to cooperate and bring structural reforms. The ideal scenario would be both the parties working together — developing effective checks and balances, strengthening democracy and good governance, promoting inclusive, sustainable and rights-based development and improving the justice system.

  • 22 August

    Saudi-Iranian Rivalry And the New Middle East

    Although Saudi Arabia and Iran have never actually gone to war, the two states have clearly perceived each other as enemies and acted accordingly, engaging in proxy war with one another. The two states' claim to being an Islamic state, both claim leadership and guardianship of the Muslims in the region.

  • 21 August

    More Must be Done to Protect Journalists Like James Foley

    “Journalism was James Foley’s reason to live and it should never have been his reason to die.” Media organizations have a responsibility to look after their staff - too many journalists are being killed for doing their jobs.

  • 16 August

    Boko Haram Following in Footsteps of Iraq’s Islamic State

    Boko Haram has long wanted to carve out its own country in north-eastern Nigeria. It’s always been an improbable goal – until now. Emboldened by the successes in Iraq and Syria of the Islamic State, Boko Haram has changed its tactics and is closer than ever before to realizing an Islamic state of its own.

  • 14 August

    What Next in Turkey After Erdoğan’s Election?

    The big question now is to where will Turkey head under Erdoğan’s presidency? But one thing is very known and clear though. Despite the clause in the Constitution that says the president will be “non-partisan,” President Erdoğan will keep on guiding his party, and formulating its policies.

  • 11 August

    Nigeria Was Slow to Act on Ebola

    Ebola has reached Lagos, the most populous city in the most populous country in Africa. Nigeria had ample time to prepare for Ebola but it did little about this right up until the moment Patrick Sawyer, the first ever recorded case in the country, came to Nigeria and collapsed in a Lagos hospital.