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December, 2023

  • 14 December

    Hard-fought COP28 Agreement Suggests the Days of Fossil Fuels are Numbered

    Despite the diplomatic achievement of an agreement that looked unlikely only hours earlier, it’s still hard to say the international community is taking this enormous challenge as seriously as it should.

  • 4 December

    Global Arms Sales Slow Down Amid Production Challenges

    evenues from sales of arms and military services by the 100 largest companies in the industry totalled $597 billion in 2022, 3.5 per cent less than 2021 in real terms, even as demand rose sharply, according to new data released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), available at, on Sunday, December 3. The decrease was chiefly the …

October, 2023

  • 20 October

    Forget ‘Peace,’ Did Abraham Accords Set Stage for Israel-Gaza Conflict?

    The Biden administration could have reversed Trump’s efforts, and placed pressure on Israel to halt these plans, as well as end its settlement expansion while making good on its promises and obligations under the peace process. Instead, the president continued Trump’s normalization efforts while breaking from presidential precedent and not even attempting to advance the peace process, all while issuing little to no criticism of the Israeli government’s violations.

  • 14 October

    Why Does Egypt Fear Evacuating Gaza?

    Cairo worries that, instead of saving lives, a 'humanitarian corridor' could be a pretense to permanently exile Palestinians.

  • 13 October

    The End of the Netanyahu Doctrine

    The prime minister's claim that Middle East peace was possible without the Palestinians has been shattered by Hamas' incursion, and the ensuing war.

  • 12 October

    Gaza on the Brink: Humanitarians Call for Urgent Aid Access

    Gaza is on the brink of running out of food, water, electricity and critical supplies, UN humanitarians warned on Thursday. “No aid can come in from the outside for the 2.3 million residents of the sealed-off enclave, and some 220,000 displaced people are sheltering in schools run by the UN agency for Palestine refugees,” a report posted on UN website …

September, 2023

  • 23 September

    Marcos Jr’s Presidency an Exercise in Redemption

    n his second State of the Nation address, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr proudly trumpeted the dawn of Bagong Pilipinas (New Philippines). ‘I have stated before that my confidence in our future was grounded in our world-class quality workforce’, he said. ‘I know that the state of the nation is sound and is improving. The New Philippines has arrived’. The …

August, 2023

  • 29 August

    Why ‘Peace Enforcement’ Risks Exacerbating Conflicts in Africa

    The United Nations and the African Union are moving towards the use of “peace enforcement” – but their preferred approach is unlikely to succeed.

  • 26 August

    BRICS Expansion: What Six New Members are Buying Into

    The association self-reportedly seeks secure sustainable development for itself and the global south, to safeguard and advance multilateralism, to institute reform for the goal of representative institutions, and to achieve solidarity among members.

July, 2023

  • 28 July

    Niger Becomes Latest Domino Falling to Western-trained Militaries

    US and allied counterterrorism strategy in the Sahel strikes out, and a thorough reassessment is in order.