July 22, 2018

Scientists Breeding Super-nutritious Crops to Help Solve Global Hunger

Biofortification is a partial solution global hunger, which must go hand in hand with efforts to reduce poverty, food insecurity, disease, poor sanitation, social and gender inequality. Read More »

Pakistan’s Cotton Production to Go Up

Despite long dry spell, Pakistan is headed to mix results of its agriculture production for 2017/18. Read More »

Bangladesh Starts Contract Farming in Africa

Bangladesh is turning to Africa to grow food to feed its population. Bangladeshi companies have acquired more than 80,000 hackers land for ‘contract farming’ in Uganda, Zambia, and Tanzania in recent months. Read More »

Why Europe Will Let Member States Opt out of GM Crops

Why are half of European Union members opting out of GMO crops? Hint: it's not about food and environmental safety. Read More »

Land ‘Grabbing’ Grows as Agricultural Resources Dwindle

‘Land grabbing’ or the purchase or lease of agricultural land by foreign interests has emerged as a threat to food security in several countries, says a new report. Read More »

Global Consumption Trends Break New Records

Record increase in global consumption and acceleration of resource depletion, pollution, and climate change may come with under-appreciated social and environmental costs, says a new report by Worldwatch Institute. Read More »

West Africa’s Untapped Agricultural Growth Potential

New report sees regional integration as high road to making the most of changing food patterns and dynamic populations. Read More »

Get Ready for Chinese Overseas Investment in Agriculture

The United States will remain the dominant supplier of China’s agricultural imports because it is such a large and efficient supplier. However, U.S. farmers and leaders in industries and governments should be aware of the potential opportunities and competition that may arise from Chinese investment. Read More »

Growing Food Trade, Shrinking Self-Sufficiency

Growing demand for food and fuel has put pressure on the world’s agricultural lands to produce more. Now, a trend in “land grabbing” has emerged, as wealthy countries lease or buy farms and agribusiness in poorer countries to ensure their own future supplies. Read More »

India: An Uncertain Hobbesian Life

India’s small farmers have been struggling for centuries now and they need social and governmental action to change their future. Read More »