August, 2019

  • 25 August

    U.S. to “Drown the World” in Oil 

    Going forward, new production from the U.S. will be eight times larger than the next largest source of growth, which is Canada. In fact, the U.S. will add 1.5 times more oil and gas than the rest of the world combined.

  • 22 August

    How to Invest if You’re Worried a Recession is Coming

    Business investment and consumer confidence are taking a hit due to the growing economic jitters and uncertainty over the ongoing trade war with China. An important bond market recession warning – known as an inverted yield curve – is spooking investors.

  • 9 August

    Land Clearing and Farming Contribute a Third of the World’s Greenhouse Gases

    Given the mounting impacts of climate change on food security and land condition, there is no time to lose.

July, 2019

  • 9 July

    Eight Ways to Halt a Global Food Crisis

    If we are to avoid a global food crises, we need to re-imagine where our food comes from and move, at least in part, towards more seasonal diets with a lower use of land and a serious reduction in global trade – especially for fruits, vegetables, and protein.

  • 1 July

    Who is Benefitting from US Economy’s Longest Ever Expansion

    Overall, a well-performing economy should be one where most families take two steps forward during expansions and one step back during recessions. But that’s not America’s reality today.

June, 2019

  • 25 June

    Winners and Losers in the US-China Trade War

    It’s difficult to say where this trade war will end. For any country to declare it has won may not be that difficult as this is purely a matter of political gamesmanship. In reality, however, escalating tariffs are damaging to businesses and consumers across the world.

  • 20 June

    How To Buy Gold For $3 An Ounce

    Gold stocks have been beaten down for far too long, and now they are just like a high-tension spring - ready to explode at the slightest nudge. 

  • 18 June

    Facebook claims Libra Offers Economic Empowerment – An Economist is Skeptical

    Will Libra lives up to Zuckerberg’s lofty economic goals and empower billions of people? But the consequences of one day relying entirely on ones and zeroes to power our economies is worrisome.

  • 16 June

    Companies’ Self-regulation Doesn’t Have to be Bad for the Public

    A Nobel Prize-winning political economist found a way to promote good governance and protect users without the need for heavy-handed government regulation.

  • 15 June

    Saving Water in Pakistan and India by Feeding Thirsty Crops with Drops

    How India and Pakistan can reduce wastage of water in the age of climate change and water scarcity. The two countries can conserve water and increase productivity which can lessen stress on their shared and contested water resources.