Energy Security

October, 2015

  • 6 October

    Is Russia Plotting to Bring Down OPEC?

    Russia can be seen as maneuvering to split OPEC into two blocs, with Russia, although not a member, persuading the "Russian bloc" to isolate Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Arab OPEC members within OPEC. This might persuade the Saudis to seek a compromise with the have nots.

September, 2015

  • 18 September

    The Shale Delusion: Why the Party’s Over for U.S. Tight Oil

    For the next year or so, tight oil wells will not be commercial except in the best parts of the best plays. Until market fundamentals of supply and demand come into balance, prices will remain low. Clearly for now, the party is over for tight oil.

  • 16 September

    Global Consumption Trends Break New Records

    Record increase in global consumption and acceleration of resource depletion, pollution, and climate change may come with under-appreciated social and environmental costs, says a new report by Worldwatch Institute.

  • 9 September

    The Default Next Move for Oil is Downwards, And Here’s Why

    As traders, investors and pundits, we all like to think that what we do is akin to a science. We believe that by working harder and being smarter we can give ourselves an edge, that enough research will reveal to us the next move, either a long term trend or an intraday blip on a chart, and that we can …

  • 2 September

    The World’s First Clean Oil Sands Project: An Interview With Dr. Gerald Bailey

    MCW Energy Group's CEO Dr. Bailey tells that his hunt for an innovative technology that simultaneously makes money and cleans up the environment is over.

August, 2015

  • 27 August

    Saudis Could Face an Open Revolt at Next OPEC Meeting

    As the first anniversary of the Saudi decision, to let the oil market determine oil prices approaches, it would be reasonable for OPEC outsiders to interpret Saudi policy shift as designed to serve its interests and those of its Gulf Arab allies rather than their interests and those of OPEC in general. The damage the Saudi decision has inflicted on itself provides reasons for the Saudis to change course.

  • 13 August

    Saudi Oil Strategy: Brilliant or Suicide?

    Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran and other major oil producers are engaged in the oil equivalent of mutually assured destruction. The sharp drop in oil revenue damages each of these countries economically and financially, while the wars they wage directly and indirectly against each other drain resources from vital domestic projects.

  • 6 August

    Global Oil Supply More Fragile Than You Think

    With spare capacity shot and major new sources of oil not coming online in a few years, the world may end up struggling to meet rising oil demand. That could cause oil prices to spike.

  • 4 August

    Top 6 Myths Driving Oil Prices Down

    The oil industry has finally come to realize that the “Trillion Dollar Swindle” in oil is very real and normal supply and demand dynamics no longer apply. The law of diminishing returns in more supply is real thanks to media hype.

  • 2 August

    The Energy-security Nexus in Southeast Europe

    Connecting the energy islands in south-east Europe will help build a region that can act as a strategic partner for the EU in the broader energy-security nexus.