Energy Security

April, 2024

  • 2 April

    America’s Green Manufacturing Boom isn’t Powered by Renewable Energy − Yet

    As investments in a clean energy future accelerate, America will need to reengineer much of its power grid to run on more and more renewables and, simultaneously, electrify everything from cars to factories to homes.

October, 2023

  • 15 October

    American Farmers are Getting Older, and Youth aren’t Rushing to Join Them

    America’s farming workforce is getting older. If the country doesn’t recruit new farmers or adapt to having fewer, older ones, it could put the nation’s food supply at risk.

December, 2022

  • 3 December

    Diplomacy Watch: Divisions Flare in the West as Winter Looms

    As energy prices rise and temperatures drop, the European public is feeling squeezed by the Ukraine war’s secondary effects.

November, 2022

  • 14 November

    How the Global Energy Crisis is Pressuring Countries at the UN Climate Summit

    Natural gas projects in Africa might help reduce supply shortages temporarily, but they could soon become stranded assets.

March, 2022

  • 18 March

    Russia’s Energy Clout Not Limited to Oil and Gas – It’s Also a Key Nuclear Supplier

    The Biden administration reportedly is considering nuclear sanctions on Russia. U.S. utilities oppose this step for fear that it would make uranium fuel scarcer and more expensive. Many U.S. nuclear plants are already struggling economically.

November, 2019

  • 14 November

    The EIA Is Grossly Overestimating U.S. Shale

    Regardless of the geology, climate policy and waning investor interest will likely result in a lot of oil being left in the ground.

October, 2019

  • 6 October

    What Ails Pakistan’s Largest Electric Supply Company?

    A Pakistani magazine interviews Karachi Electric's Chairman Ikram Sehgal about the state of KE and the facts behind the death of 33 people, electrocuted in the aftermath of the recent downpours in Karachi.

May, 2019

  • 26 May

    Trade LNG More, End the US–China Trade War

    Increasing LNG trade could benefit many in the light of current US–China trade tensions. In an increasingly multipolar world, international cooperation through global trade must be strengthened and the LNG market offers unique opportunities to stabilize the system.

  • 8 May

    IEA: Renewables Growth is Stalling

    The oil and gas industry has enjoyed a golden era under the Trump administration, but it may only be temporary. 

March, 2019

  • 28 March

    World’s Largest Oil Company and Petrochemical Company Merge 

    Finding enough appetite in the market for a Saudi bond sale is still an issue. Geopolitical risks and concerns about the internal stability of the Saudi royal family could decrease the appetite of major financial institutions. The Kingdom might be listed on several emerging markets indexes (FTSE/MSCI), but investment appetite is being constrained by the impact of the Khashoggi murder, increased volatility in oil markets and pressure on the position of the Crown Prince.