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ViewsWeek’s mission is to promote transparency and high standards of ethics in journalism. It’s focused on critical areas of security, environment, food, and energy crisis in Asia, Africa and beyond.  The platform offers views from hotspots around the world.

It not only produces its own content generated by its affiliates but also aggregates articles published in numerous media outlets in the areas of its focus.

ViewsWeek delivers unbiased and independent coverage of the security, development, socio-economic and religious narratives being promoted in the media and inside think tanks in the regions of its focus.

The idea is to create a greater intra-continental understanding of identical, different and sometimes competing narratives on international issues that unite and divide the world. Focus on cultures and creating greater interfaith understanding for peace and social harmony will also be visible on the ViewWeek pages.

ViewsWeek highlights the media’s role in molding public opinion. The role of media has come under sharp scrutiny in many societies around the world, especially the ones that face the challenge of extremism and stereotyping. ViewsWeek will bring the media’s role in educating or de-educating societies around the world.

It will build partnerships with newspapers, academic publications and think tanks in its areas of focus to work on collaborative projects or content sharing.

Opinions expressed in the articles published on this website do not reflect the policy or endorsement of ViewsWeek.com.

Contact us at viewsweekusa@gmail.com if you are a newspaper, magazine, academic publication or think tank and wish to discuss these possibilities with us.

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  1. I work with an educational non-profit organization whose purpose is to inform people of culture and languages from around the world. I find your website very interesting

  2. Pervez Khan Khattak

    i also like this

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