6 Items You Can Begin Recycling Today

Minimizing environmental degradation may be a tall order. But here is what you can contribute by starting from your own home.

Posted on 11/28/14
By Karleia Steiner | Via ViewsWeek
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Paper, plastic and cardboard are some of the things that come to mind when people think about things you can recycle. However, there are many other things you may not have known you could recycle. Below are examples of shocking items you can recycle:

If you are getting ready to replace the carpet in your home, then you may not want to throw away your old one. You can recycle carpet. You may want to check with the company who made your carpet because they may have a recycling program. The Carpet America Recovery Effort can also help you find a place in your area where you can recycle your carpet.

If you have a mobile phone that you no longer want, then you may want to recycle it. STS Electronic Recycling is one of the companies that can recycle old mobile phones. Recycling electronics helps prevent them from accumulating in landfills.

Most people with children have crayons in their home. Many parents throw away old, broken up crayons. However, old crayons can be recycled into brand new ones.

Women who no longer want their bras do not have to throw them in the trash. There are many agencies that will recycle gently used bras and donate them to other women. The Bra Recyclers is an example of a company that will recycle gently used bras.

You can help give the gift of sight by recycling glasses you no longer want. There are many vision companies that will accept old eyeglasses. These eyeglasses are often given to less fortunate people who cannot afford vision care.

Wine Corks
Wine corks are often used for arts and crafts. However, if you do not want to use the cork, then you may want to consider recycling it instead of throwing it in the trash. ReCork is one of the companies that will recycle old corks. This company grinds up the corks and turns them into products that people can use.

Many people today do their part to protect the environment by recycling paper, plastic and cardboard. Those are not the only things that can be recycled. You may have many other items around your home that you are throwing away but can be recycled. Wine corks, eyeglasses, crayons, phones and bras are examples of some of the other things that people can recycle. You can even recycle carpet that you no longer want.


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