November 21, 2017

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Economics Key to US Relevance in Southeast Asia

As China grows increasingly able to weaponize its financial clout for security purposes, failure on the part of the US to craft a comprehensive economic response undermines the autonomy of Southeast Asian countries and diminishes US influence. Read More »

US Reaching Out to ASEAN Nations

ASEAN needs to balance the United States and China. The United States has come late in acknowledging the geo-strategic significance of the organization. Southeast Asian leaders have already had 18 summits with China and 17 with Japan. Read More »

Power Shifts in Vietnam’s Political System

Vietnam’s political leadership still depends on the outcome of ongoing power struggles in the lead up to the next party congress. The game seems now to be in Prime Minister Dung’s favor, but the final score will not be settled until the congress concludes in 2016. Read More »

The Reporter as Action Hero: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

With journalists increasingly part of the story they’re covering, the likes of Brian Williams are tempted to aggrandize in order to enhance their image. Read More »

Is Vietnam in Denial on Military Strategy?

Vietnam’s recent, and significant, investment in military hardware is aimed at coping with a changing strategic environment. But will it make any significant difference in balancing against China’s military might in the South China Sea? Read More »

Rule of Law Fading in South China Sea’s Murky Waters

The Law of the Sea is an unsatisfactory guide to referee quarrels that reside at the crossroads of disputed sovereignty claims and competing sovereign rights and jurisdiction claims. The rule of law in the contested semi-enclosed seas of Asia needs to be constructed on a foundation that is objective, fair and equitable, observes one analyst. Read More »