September 20, 2017

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How Congress Can Make DACA Even Better

All eyes will be on the US Capitol building in Washington DC that houses US Congress for possible immigration reforms. (ViewsWeek photo)

Congress has an opportunity to build on DACA's success. An immigration expert explains how. Read More »

A Govt. Shutdown May Delay Billions in Tax Refunds

Even if Congress follows the spending levels set by the existing budget deal, a shutdown is still possible. (Photo by Stephen Melkisethian, CC license)

A two-week government shutdown, if Congress and President Trump fail reach an agreement on budget, would hold up the tax refunds of roughly 2.5 million families, delaying nearly $8 billion in refunds. Read More »

Total Cost of 2016 US Election May Reach $6.6b

(Photo by Philip Taylor, Creative Commons License)

Presidential candidates spent over $1.13 billion, compared to $913 million at this point in 2012. House candidates spent $71 million less this year, and Senate candidates spent $137 million more than this point in 2012, although that number may increase when more Senate filings are processed by the FEC. Read More »

What the GOP’s Putting Under Corporate America’s Tree

(Photo by mSeattle, Creative Commons License)

This year-end tax package is a grab bag of gifts for corporations and a lump of coal for working families. Read More »

Personal Wealth: A Nation of Extremes, and a Congress, Too

U.S. Capitol building in Washington DC. (Photo by freshwater2006, Creative Commons License)

A close look at members’ personal financial disclosure statements covering 2014 shows that Congress is a body of extremes — extreme wealth and a bit of extreme debt. Even though Congress may be a sample of particularly well-off Americans, its richest members are staggeringly wealthy — though none, so far, appear to be billionaires. Read More »

Where Are Former Members of the 113th Congress?

(Photo by 55thstreet, Creative Commons License)

Whatever the former members of the 113th have to say about their service in Congress, one thing seems pretty clear: Capitol Hill is not a bad stepping stone to future employment. Read More »

The State of the Union 2015 – Theater, Traditions, Politics

President Obama delivering his sixth State of the Union address on Jan 21st.

More than just an annual address to Congress, the State of the Union is essential to framing the political debate. Read More »

Black Leaders Matter

Martin Luther King Jr Memorial at night in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Scott Ableman, Creative Commons License)

On MLK Day, a historian’s reminder that many generations of leaders contributed to the civil rights movement’s accomplishments. Read More »

Here’s How to Fix America’s Crumbling Bridges

A 2011 photo of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. (Photo by Todd Lappin, Creative Commons License)

Nearly a quarter of US bridges are functionally obsolete or structurally deficient. Why does it take so long to repair a bridge? There are better ways to get these projects underway. Read More »

9 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Administrative Relief

(Photo by Justin Valas, Creative Commons License)

President Obama will announce his administrative relief plan for the undocumented immigrants. Here is how those looking for relief should prepare. Read More »