August 17, 2017

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Race on to Preserve Cultural Monuments with 3D Images

Entrance to the gate of Nimrod, destroyed by the IS group and digitally reconstructed as part of Project Mosul. (Model by ruimx from photos at

Researchers are making 3D scans, architectural plans and detailed photographic records of cultural heritage sites around the world, knowing they could be destroyed at any time. Read More »

Why Ethiopia and Egypt Aren’t Fighting a Water War

The Tekeze Dam is built on a tributary of the Nile in Ethiopia. (Photo by International Rivers, Creative Commons License)

There were times last year, when the rhetoric in Cairo reached fever pitch, that some kind of conflict between Ethiopia and Egypt over the waters of the Nile seemed inevitable. It hasn’t come to that, and nor will it, if history is anything to go by. Read More »

Pakistan’s Dismal Education Prospects

School children going to school in Hunza in Pakistan's Northern Areas. (Photo by Hashoo Foundation USA)

  The Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child recently published a report noting that Pakistan has the world’s second-largest number of children out of school, while in April 2012 UNICEF indicated that some 20 million Pakistani children, including an estimated 7.3 million of primary school age, are not in school. This phenomenon is one of the by-products ... Read More »