August 17, 2017

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Common Interests, Common Enemy

Pak Afghan flags

Pakistan and Afghanistan have no choice but to fight terror together. Read More »

Instruments of Terror

More than 50,000 Pakistanis have lost their lives in terrorist attacks. File photo shows scale of destruction in a Karachi neighborhood following powerful explosion in Karachi in 2013. (Photo by Nadir Burney, Creative Commons License)

Pakistan faces the unavoidable specter of an ever-growing Indo-US-Afghan alliance that  requires it to do more in the anti-terror fight. It also needs to clean up its image that became tainted because of its alliances with or support for non-state actors. Read More »

Afghan Reconciliation Moving Forward?

An Afghan National Army (ANA) soldier renders a salute to Gen. Bismillah Mohammadi, ANA Chief of Staff, as Mohammadi address ANA soldiers in Kandahar, Afghanistan, Jan. 4, 2010. Gen. Mohammadi invited Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell IV, Commander, NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan (NTM-A) to meet with ANA and coalition forces at various ANA posts throughout the region. Both generals received mission updates and feedback from ANA and coalition forces on training, quality of life and combating terrorism.
(U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Larry E. Reid Jr., Released, Creative Commons License)

Will a failure of the reconciliation process in Afghanistan lead to fresh international fighting? Clearly, 15 years of insurgency has led the international community to conclude that force offers no solution. The vibes emerging out of the process appear to be positive and underscore that pragmatism is guiding the process. Read More »

Bihar Elections — Mind your Own Business, Pakistan

(Photo by Narendra Modi, Creative Commons License)

Why should Pakistani government and media draw pleasure out of the defeat of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP in Bihar elections? Is it really worth paying this much attention when Pakistanis have plenty of things to worry about at home? Pakistan needs to focus more on the causes that continue to taint its image abroad and are a source of internal discord as well. Read More »

Pakistan: Combating the Financing of Terrorism

Pakistani rupee

Taxation revenues will only improve if Pakistan uses its existing financial transaction mechanism laws properly, which will choke flow of funds for terrorist financing. The country has the laws, the need is to strengthen and implement them. Read More »

Pakistan and India’s Regional Ambitions

Pakistani and Indian flags at the two countries border . (Photo by Global Panorama, CC License)

Anyone would be foolish to wish for an India-Pakistan war, one that could lead to a nuclear holocaust. The process of dialogue must focus on compromise so that the situation does not spiral into war, death and destruction. India and Pakistan can come to an “arrangement” over Kashmir if an “agreement” is not possible. Read More »

A View From India: The Entrepreneurs of Violence

(Photo from video stream)

Understanding the TTP attack in Peshawar would involve looking at the group’s structure, the role of ideology and the impact of Pakistan’s counter-insurgency operations. Read More »

How Pakistan Can Defeat Terrorism

Forensic expert collecting evidence in Army Public School after TTP's barbaric terrorist attack. (INP photo Hussain Ali)

The time for rhetoric is over, it is time for Pakistan to take action against the devils of perpetrated the worst terrorism in country’s history in Peshawar. Instead of lip-service rhetoric and vacillation, there must be a credible and effective counter to the existential terrorism threat faced by this country. Read More »

What Next After Pakistan School Terror Attack?

(Photo via Facebook)

The Taliban attack on a school in Peshawar has left Pakistanis stunned and shocked. In what is being called the worst terrorist attack in Pakistan's history, terrorists massacred 141 people including 132 students. Will it unite the nation that has taken years to decide who its real enemy is? Read More »

Reconnecting Afghanistan

UK Prime Minister David Cameron hosted Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani, Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, and Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at No 10 on December 5, 2014, Crown Copyright photo by  Arron Hoare, Creative Commons License)

Afghanistan has finally found its “man of destiny” in Ashraf Ghani. How long before some leader in Pakistan rises above self, selfishness and greed for the sake of the country? Read More »