November 23, 2017

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Invigorating Economy

ECO must strengthen relations with regional blocs such as EU and ASEAN, gaining knowledge and know-how from their experiences. ECO summits must be held on either an annual basis or once every two years rather than five. Read More »

Getting Regional Trade Right in Central Asia

One golden opportunity for ECO member countries to increase trade and investment is in the road and rail development projects under the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor. Read More »

Travels at the Expense of the National Exchequer

One official of Pakistani government shares his experience of how the country’s powerful ruling political elite abuse their position to enjoy undue perks in violation of laws of the land. Read More »

Tajikistan Early Warning: Internal Pressures, External Threats

Tajikistan's economy is crippled, with the downturn in Russia adding to the difficulties. The rough economic climate, however, is fundamentally of the government’s making: years of endemic corruption have bled local businesses dry and limit the impact of donor aid. Read More »

Presence of ISIL in Afghanistan and Central Asia

Currently, ISIL does not seem to be operating in Afghanistan or Central Asian countries; yet, all necessary measures should be taken by the regional governments to take away the hope of ISIL surviving in the region. Read More »

Understanding Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s Future

China has been attempting to shape a non-Western security grouping to counterbalance NATO and allow it more room for military action in Asia. The SCO, often dubbed the Asian NATO, has been dominated by Russia and China. Expanding the SCO is imperative to securing the Central Asian gas pipelines, many of which run through Chinese territory and are threatened by insurgencies that compromise their construction. Read More »

India’s Central Asia Ambitions Outfoxed by China and Russia

At present, Moscow has essentially shut India out from Kyrgyzstan after sending the first installments of a new US$1 billion military aid package to the country. This follows the strategic setback that India suffered in 2010 when it lost use of the Tajikistan Ayni airbase to Russia. And in the two larger, energy-rich nations of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, New Delhi ... Read More »