November 23, 2017

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What Europe Can Do for The Western Balkans

It is high time for the EU to move beyond ‘stabilocracy’ and stand up to ethnic nationalist kleptocrat political leaders. Read More »

Europe and the Middle East Are Both on the Verge of Unraveling

From Catalonia to Kurdistan, long simmering regions are clamoring for their own states. But what good is being a state anymore? Read More »

Three Myths About Catalonia’s Independence Movement

Spain faces its worst constitutional crisis since the failed 1981 coup d’état, driven by Brexit-style populism. Read More »

Is Spain About to Break Up?

Spain's Catalonia region votes for independence this fall. For some, it's a referendum on austerity policies that have crippled economies all over Europe. Read More »

Five Takeaways from the Spanish Election

The 2016 vote may have been a disappointment to Spain's insurgent progressives. But they've proven they're here to stay. Read More »

Why Violence is Flaring at Europe’s Border Crossings

Although Spain is under international scrutiny for the increasing police violence, the government has proposed a controversial amendment to its immigration law that would apply exclusively at Ceuta and Melilla. The proposal aims to legitimize automatic returns of people trying to access the two cities irregularly and without the right documentation. Read More »

Latin America: Vulnerability of Migrants Continues

Economic opportunity stimulates migration but recipient countries create obstacles for foreigners to stay. Read More »

Megadrought May Drive Up Olive Oil Prices

Spain produces around half the world’s olives and is the number one producer of olive oil. The drought has speculators, including forecasting agency Oil World, worried that olive yield could drop up to 40 percent year-over-year in 2014. Read More »

PPPs Can Close Infrastructure Expense Gap

If one wants to feel dizzy she may walk over the Grand Canyon’s suspension bridge, climb to the top of the Three Gorges Dam hydroelectric power station in China or just picture the Mecca’s high speed rail crossing the desert. Perhaps one only may need to feel dizzy having a look to the breach of global spending on basic infrastructures: ... Read More »

The World’s Most Seductive Metal

The subtitle of Matthew Hart’s new book Gold might have benefited from an added phrase. Gold is not only “the world’s most seductive metal”; it’s also the most useless. The task Hart has set himself in writing Gold is to explore the reasons why humankind is so obsessed with a metal that has proved to have few industrial applications and for the past several ... Read More »