December 11, 2017

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Floods Catch Bangladesh Unprepared

Bangladesh, lauded for disaster preparedness, reels as dozens of deaths occur in “non-flood prone” areas. Read More »

View from Delhi: Towards a Unique Digital South Asian Identity

Executed properly, Aadhaar could become a central pillar of India’s ‘neighborhood first’ policy, writes one Indian analyst. Read More »

Modi in a Muddle

India must realize that it cannot expect to live in peace while the neighborhood remains embroiled in conflict. Pakistan’s stability depends on a stable Afghanistan. And the same is true for stability in India and the region. Read More »

The Myth of Shining India

A group of Western officials after a study tour of Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India, have some interesting impressions about the three countries, especially India. Read More »

India’s ‘Hybrid Warfare’

Pakistan must directly and/or indirectly attack those cells supporting RAW’s hybrid warfare within Pakistan creating internal problems for the South Asian country, argues one analyst after Indian Defense Minister’s public endorsement of using terrorism as a policy tool. Read More »

Pakistan: The China Crossroads

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor will act as an economic force-multiplier for South Asia with India a major beneficiary connecting it across the land bridge of Pakistan with Central Asia and the Middle East. Read More »

South Asia’s Free Speech Conundrum

In a region where illiteracy is still widespread and internet usage is small but rapidly increasing, there is a growing need for education about how images and data can be manipulated to incite hatred, and a need to build public knowledge in understanding the malicious intent behind these actions. Read More »

Hybrid Warfare

Pakistan-India border has remained tense since the rise of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After suspending the peace dialogue with Islamabad, New Delhi has now suspended the bus service between Pakistan and Indian-administered Kashmirs, raising fears of further instability in one of the most militarized regions of the world. Here is one Pakistani perception about India’s strategy. Read More »

Pakistan Has World’s Fastest-growing Nuclear Program

A new reports by a leading U.S. think tank warns that unresolved territorial disputes, cross-border terrorism, and growing nuclear arsenals are threatening South Asia’s strategic nuclear stability. It notes that Pakistan has the fastest-growing nuclear program in the world. Read More »

View from India: Saarc Without a Backbone

Saarc declarations have made considerable progress on a range of issues, from trade and connectivity to ecology. But these declarations only serve to highlight that Saarc has near zero credibility. Read More »