August 16, 2017

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Famines in the 21st Century? It’s Not for Lack of Food

A woman holding her young malnourished baby queues for food at the Badbado camp for Internally Displaced Persons (IPDs).   (UN Photo/Stuart Price, CC License)

Famines result from cumulative processes we can observe and predict. That means we can prevent them through timely public action. Read More »

Trump’s Revised Travel Ban Still Faces Legal Challenges

New York's JFK Airport was scene of spontaneous protests after President Trump's first immigration order on jan 27th. (Photo by ViewsWeek)

The revised ban allows entry to citizens of Iraq, but continues to block citizens of six other Muslim majority nations. Read More »

Somaliland: The Strains of Success

Troops Advance during Anti-Shabaab Operation in Somalia. (UN Photo:Stuart Price, Creative Commons License)

Successful state building in Somaliland has raised the stakes of holding – and losing – power. While Somaliland has remained largely committed to democratic government, recurrent political crises and delayed elections risk postponing much needed internal debate. Read More »

US is Back in Somalia

Secretary of State John Kerry met Somalia's President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud during his visit to Somalia. (Photo via video feed)

It’s taken the USA a long time to get over the humiliation of Black Hawk Down. With his surprise visit to Mogadishu, US Secretary of State John Kerry finally closed that ignominious chapter, and announced that Somalia would be seeing a lot more American involvement from now on. Read More »

Four Years After Gaddafi, Libya Is a Failed State

(Photo by mojomogwai, Creative Commons License)

Weapons are pouring out of Africa's most oil-rich country while extremist fighters tumble in. The toxic legacy of Gaddafi’s divisive and authoritarian regime, which pitted Libya’s diverse factions against one another, has plagued the prospects for any central authority gaining widespread legitimacy in the war-torn country. Read More »

View from Africa: Is Nigeria Too Big to Fail?

(Photo via The Advocate, Nigeria)

The destruction of Boko Haram will not necessarily lead to a more peaceful and stable Nigeria. The extremist group rose out of a toxic brew of corruption, religion, politics and ethno-regionalism, in which struggles over Nigeria’s vast oil revenues have played out for decades. Read More »

Pakistan: Beyond Irking Bangladesh

Passersby in Dhaka’s Shahabag Square walk over a caricature of Abdul Qadir Mulla, a leader of Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh who was hanged in June for alleged ‘war crimes’. (Photo by Faisal Akram, Creative Commons License)

Outsiders are perplexed over the rhetorical commitment of Pakistani leaders to ‘fight terrorism of all shades’ and lofty claims on strategies to deal with them. The country needs friends and supporters on world stage. But its interior minister is wasting no opportunity to offend others, the latest being Bangladesh. Read More »

The Trouble With Statistics About Africa

Trucks lined along a highway in Abuja.

Bad and incomplete data bedevils African statistics. Seventeen African countries have not conducted a census in the past decade and five have not done so in 20 years. Read More »

Saudis’ Mass Expulsions Putting Somalis in Danger

A Saudi security personnel stands guard at a migrant detention center in Jidda. (Photo via video stream)

In 2013, Mohamed, a 22-year old Somali, was making a living washing cars in Saudi Arabia. Late that year, due to increasing government pressure on employers of undocumented workers, he was fired. In December, after several weeks without a job, Mohamed handed himself over to the police. He spent the next 57 days detained in appalling conditions.   “In the ... Read More »

Backlash Fears After ‘Islamist’ Attacks in Eastern DRC

The main road in Beni, eastern DRC. (Photo by Jessica Hatcher/IRIN)

“Eight months ago no one had heard of Al-Shabab,” said Henri Ladyi, a Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) expert and director of the Conflict Resolution Centre (CRC) in Beni, a town and territory in North Kivu Province in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Ladyi is concerned that rumours about the influence of Somalia-based Islamists in Beni, whether true or ... Read More »