December 16, 2017

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Mindset That Rules Pakistan

Accountability and compliance with the rule of law probably should be our yardstick for this support of the opposition, instead of looking at it through the eyes of incumbent elites. Read More »

A Burning Issue

What ignited the oil tanker inferno in Pakistan's Punjab province is irrelevant. Enough medical facilities to cope with major burn injuries at mass level is what needs urgent measures. What would Pakistan do in a nuclear event? To save lives the treating of major burns must start in the first “golden hour”, only possible with regional Burn Centers established on an emergency basis in major cities throughout Pakistan. Read More »

The Decisive Battle

The Punjab government was disinclined to allow anyone go after the militants making up a percentage of their vote banks in the province. Operation “Raadul Fasaad”,  will have to focus without political interference where most of the extremist and militant elements are concentrated. Read More »

RAW’s Kautilyan License

Since the news of civilian-military rift over Pakistan’s secret support to armed groups, whether right or wrong, was leaked from a meeting pertaining to national security, those leaking the information should have their “security clearance” revoked and barred from public office. Read More »

Pakistan: Selecting Weak Teams

The Pakistan Cricket Board officials must shun their over-inflated egos and get Saeed Ajmal back in the team. On his part Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will do well by re-forming his Cabinet immediately before someone else does it for him. Read More »

Pakistan’s Long Road to Electoral Reforms

Instead of going for an “overkill”, everyone on Pakistan’s political divide will be better off if the opposition’s “sit-inners” in Islamabad adopt the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) formula and concentrate simply on reforming the electoral system. Read More »

Pakistan on the Edge

Those who claim to defend democracy must understand that democracy is not just numbers — it is accountability, transparency, effectiveness and justice in governance, all of which are strikingly absent from Nawaz Sharif’s agenda. Pakistan thus remains on the edge. Read More »

Cauldron of India-Pakistan Proxy Wars

  In an interview with The Guardian, Shahbaz Sharif, the chief minister of Pakistan’s Punjab province, seems to have hit the nail on the head when talking about the roadblocks to trade between India and Pakistan.   “Security agencies on both sides need to really understand that in today’s world, a security-led vision is obviously driven by economic security,” he said. ... Read More »