December 16, 2017

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Scotland Headed to a Second Independence Referendum

The future is extremely uncertain, although once the Brexit negotiations between the UK government and the EU get properly underway there may be greater clarity as to what sort of impact that is having on opinion in Scotland, which is back in campaign mode and referendum. Read More »

Jeremy Corbyn’s Victory is a Political Bombshell for the UK

Britain's Labor Party is now led by an avowed socialist and longtime peace campaigner. Read More »

Flawed Format May Make Cricket World Cup Tough to Swallow

The Cricket World Cup is just a few days away, but the lopsided and drawn-out format of the tournament will make it a frustrating few weeks before the quarter-finals. Read More »

Great British Break Off Averted But What Next?

As further power is likely to be devolved from Westminster in the wake of Scotland’s independence vote, the one-sided nature of the current system becomes yet more pronounced. Read More »

Scottish Referendum May Push English Politics to the Right

Whether Yes or No, the Scottish referendum could see British parties exploiting nationalist feelings in rest of UK. Read More »

If Yes Wins, What Happens Next in Scotland?

Suddenly, it looks like the swing might be happening. So what would actually happen if Scots vote for independence? Read More »

Will Scotland Break Away from the United Kingdom?

The Scottish question to be asked on September 18 will be answered for at least a generation, perhaps longer if the “No” campaign has a resounding victory. Read More »