January 19, 2018

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How Republican Missteps Turned Alabama Blue

It began with a sex scandal. How else? Read More »

Republicans Fumble ACA Repeal: Expert Reaction

Trump cuts bait, Ryan loses his nerve – and the Obamacare repeal goes down without a vote. What's next for Congress and the GOP? Read More »

A Warmer Embrace of Muslims Could Stop Homegrown Terrorism

Many Western policies that aim to prevent terrorism may actually be causing it. Read More »

Confederate Flag: Shift in GOP strategy

Historically, Republican politicians have subtly – and not-so-subtly – exploited racial fears. Read More »

3 Big Benefits for Americans to Ending the Cuba Embargo

Cuba has a lot more to offer the United States than just rum and cigars. Read More »

Beyond Chuck Hagel’s Resignation

Even if Chuck Hagel’s resignation was by mutual agreement, critics will seize upon the decision as evidence of a White House in disarray. Sacrificing this particular lamb to demonstrate the administration’s resolve could backfire. Read More »

5 Issues The Lame Duck Congress Can Resolve

Now that the midterms are over, the next tough pill to swallow are the next two months of watching and waiting to see what comes out of the 2014 lame duck Congress. These 5 areas will show how far the Republicans can reach across the aisle in the Democrats’ final two months in control of the U.S. Senate. Read More »

Midterm Elections: Too Few Minority Politicians?

Seventy-one percent of elected officials in the US are men. Nine in 10 are white, even though people of color are more than 37% of the population. And indeed, there is ample evidence that white voter bias has stood in the way of racial/ethnic minority candidates. Also the reason for fewer racial and ethnic elected officials winning office is that we have few racial and ethnic minority candidates running for office. Read More »

Florida’s Legislative Turnaround on Immigration

Florida’s changing demographics and immigrant advocacy are helping its legislators reconsider where they stand on immigration reform. Read More »