September 19, 2017

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Turkey’s Dangerous Referendum

Erdogan has not lost an election since 1994. (Photo by PASOK, CC license)

Turkey's leader will apparently stop at nothing to centralize power — and every move that backfires makes him even more desperate. Read More »

The Deep State

(Photo by Thomas Hawk, CC License)

The influence of the “deep state” must be minimized, otherwise the State cannot provide services, administer justice, maintain law and order and bring about economic prosperity that our people desperately need, writes Ikram Sehgal. Read More »

Will Pakistanis Resist a Coup the Turkish Way?

Turkish community demonstrating in London following a failed coup in Turkey. (Photo by Gordon, Creative Commons License)

Pakistan’s ruling elite fantasizes that Pakistani public, like in Turkey, will flood the streets in case of a military coup. But can the political realities of the two countries be really compared? Read More »

Turkey’s Erdogan Gets His Majority — at a Terrible Price

(Photo by Democracy Chronicles, Creative Commons License)

To reverse his fortune at the polls, Erdogan reignited Turkey’s war with the Kurds, stood silent while mobs attacked his opponents, and unilaterally altered the constitutional role of his office. Read More »

Pakistanization of Turkey

(Photo by  by E.T. Studhalter, World Economic Forum, CCL)

It will be interesting tosee if the Syrian crisis affects Turkey the way the Afghan crisis impacted Pakistan. Read More »

Empowering Kurdistan

A girl in the crowds at an HDP meeting calling for peace, justice and reconciliation, Istanbul, May 2015. (Photo by Julia Buzaud, Creative Commons License)

What made a Kurdish victory possible in Turkey’s recent elections – and what does the future hold? Read More »

Turkey’s Strategic Miscalculation in Middle East

Turkish army's tanks take position along the country's  border with Syria. (Photo from videostream)

The 2011 Arab revolutions hugely effected Turkey's orientation towards the Middle East. Its foreign policy moved from a diplomatic, non-interference policy to an interventionist, revisionist one, even imperialist to some people. In terms of policymaking, Turkey resembled the US, relying on its military might to shape the direction of its foreign relations. But now it risks losing all its gains achieved in the last decade. Read More »

Pope Francis: Back to the Middle East

Pope Francis (L) and the spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians demanded an end to persecution of religious minorities in Syria and Iraq on Sunday and called for dialogue with Muslims, ending Francis’ three-day visit to Turkey. (Photo by Selahattin Sevi, via Today's Zaman)

Pope Francis is desperately attempting to preserve Christianity as a viable faith in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. He realizes that it is vital that he and Christians have the support of the Turkish government and its Islamist president in this endeavor. Read More »

What Next in Turkey After Erdoğan’s Election?

Where will Turkey head under Erdoğan’s presidency remains a big question. (Photo by Brookings Institution, Creative Commons License)

The big question now is to where will Turkey head under Erdoğan’s presidency? But one thing is very known and clear though. Despite the clause in the Constitution that says the president will be “non-partisan,” President Erdoğan will keep on guiding his party, and formulating its policies. Read More »

A U.S. Shift Away from Israel?

(Photo by EricGoldhagen, Creative Commons License)

U.S. civil society is more critical of Israeli actions in Palestine than ever. When will the U.S. government catch up? Read More »