December 10, 2017

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Morality and Misplaced Loyalty

Accountability must not be applied only to politicians, bureaucrats and ordinary citizens, keeping the corrupt in the senior military hierarchy and the superior judiciary out of the ambit of accountability is utter disloyalty to the institutions and to the state. Read More »

Pakistan: Summer’s Discontent

Asif Ali Zardari outburst might be “the defining moment” PPP needed to re-invigorate itself as the dynamic force it once was in Pakistani politics. Read More »

Not Really Cricket

Pakistan needs those involved in its World Cup cricket team selection to keep the national interest before personal likes and dislikes. But then this is Pakistan where merit is a disqualifier both in sports and politics. Read More »

Pakistan: Preserving Society and the Nation

Technicalities cannot hold Pakistan hostage. It must move to implement its “National Action Plan” in letter and spirit to defeat terrorism. This is the moment of truth. Preserving society and the nation must take precedence over everything else. Read More »