December 16, 2017

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Russia in Libya: War or Peace?

Europe must use its diplomatic leverage to ensure that increased Russian involvement does not come at the cost of further destabilization on Europe’s southern border. Read More »

Trump’s Meeting With Putin Blurs US-Russia Relations

A foreign policy expert takes a look at how the high-profile exchange between the U.S. and Russian leaders went down. Read More »

Denying French Warships to Russia

The odds of NATO collectively buying the French ships are still low. This is due to both the over-riding economic concerns among European nations domestically and the timidity of many European allies to give Putin the impression that they are taking a bellicose response to Russian expansionism. But if the downing of flight MH17 truly is a game-changer, then this collective response by NATO is not a bad way to start changing the game. Read More »

MH17 Disaster: Were Russia’s ‘Little Green Men’ Involved?

If the international scrutiny and investigation of MH17 disaster establishes a direct link to Russia, the unintended consequences of supporting separatism via “hybrid warfare” in Eastern Ukraine will have immense ramifications for Russia’s international standing in general and relations with the West in particular. Read More »

An Insight into Putin’s Russia

Confronting western sanctions, Russia’s foreign policy is undergoing a drastic change from its previous premise that a close strategic partnership with China was not beneficial for Russia. ‘Pragmatism’ now favors flexible geo-political maneuvering and an 1800 turn for a solid alliance with China, is symbolized by the recent China-Russia massive gas deal.  Read More »