September 25, 2017

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Thousands of Americans Could Face Hunger

(Photo by Tasha, Creative Commons License)

Policymakers must take action to preserve access to nutrition assistance. Read More »

Global Inequality Reaches New Extremes: Report

A view of Manila from a nearby slum. (Photo by Marcin Gabruk, Creative Commons License)

The richest 1% now own more wealth than the rest of the world combined while the wealth owned by the bottom half of humanity has fallen by a trillion dollars in the past five years. Read More »

Latin America’s Decline in Poverty Rates Has Stalled

A family makes its way down a mud-filled road in Vila Da Canpas in the Amazon region of Brazil, near Manaus. For many, the only transportation available is by foot. Brazil. (Photo by Julio Pantoja / World Bank, Creative Commons License)

Poverty affected 167 million people in 2014, 2 million more than 2013. Similarly, 71 million suffered extreme poverty or indigence, an increase of 2 million over the previous year. Read More »

Did U.S. Lose the War on Poverty?

In 2013, the poverty rate remained high at 14.5%. (Photo by Ed Yourdon, Creative Commons License)

Fifty years on from the Great Society program, what has been achieved – and what hasn’t – in government efforts to reduce poverty. Read More »

SAARC’s Make or Break Moment

Narendra Modi shares emotive conversation with Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. (Photo via Prime Minister Narendra Modi's office)

The game of one-upmanship by India and Pakistan, the two leading countries of SAARC, is likely to do immense harm to the cause of the poverty-ridden South Asian region, where concerted efforts at regional cooperation could be crucial in shaping its future development. Read More »

A Promising New Front in the War on Poverty

Oxfam launched a new global campaign to tackle the gap between the rich and the rest. (Photo via Oxfam International)

The world’s 85 richest billionaires now hold as much wealth as the 3.5 billion people in humanity’s poorer half. The combined wealth of these 85 billionaires is increasing at the rate of a half million dollars a minute. But one respected anti-poverty charity’s new global campaign may help minimize economic inequality. Read More »

Hunger in the Land of Plenty — South Africa

A harvester at a farm just outside of Magaliesburg, South Africa. (Photo by StormSignal, Creative Commons License)

Despite being a middle-income country, South Africa has a long and shameful history of those in power ignoring the needs and the interests of the majority. Colonial and subsequent Apartheid laws reduced black people in South Africa to merely being cheap labor to service the needs of these economies. Poverty, inequality and hunger, while visible in the faces and cupped hands of people at traffic lights in middle-class neighborhoods, largely continue to be felt most in townships, informal settlements and rural areas which are often located far away from economic and suburban hubs. Read More »

Pakistan’s Hunger Challenge

Children are the worst hit by malnutrition and poverty. (Photo via Facebook post)

Recent studies reveal rising inflation and unemployment creating high misery for people. Fueled by these adverse reports, food insecurity, poverty and malnutrition problems had again momentarily hit national headlines, as they periodically do before being quickly displaced by political scandals.   Measuring these problems in Pakistan is made difficult by competing concepts, definitions and measurement approaches. Food security represents “regular ... Read More »

Africa Loses $50bn a Year in Plundered Resources

Chaired by former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, the Africa Progress Panel presents this year's Africa Progress Report - "Grain, Fish, Money - Financing Africa's Green and Blue Revolutions" in London on Thursday, May 8. (Photo by Jess Hurd/Africa Progress Panel)

Africa is losing 50 billion dollars or 5.7% of sub-Saharan Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP) each year due to unending plunder of its forests, fisheries and other resources by corrupt officials and foreign investors, says a major new report on the continent.   Africa’s rich natural resources offer a unique opportunity for a breakthrough in improving the lives of Africa’s citizens ... Read More »

The Houses That Karachi’s Poor Want

An under construction building in Karachi. (Photo by Sarah Stewart, Creative Commons License)

“Are we some rubbish to be thrown out of the city by the government?” asks a woman living in Lyari, Karachi. “Why should we go to the outskirts of the city? Give us space close to the centre of the city.”   She expresses the anger of many of Karachi’s urban poor who feel that their preference to live in ... Read More »