December 10, 2017

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Morality and Misplaced Loyalty

Accountability must not be applied only to politicians, bureaucrats and ordinary citizens, keeping the corrupt in the senior military hierarchy and the superior judiciary out of the ambit of accountability is utter disloyalty to the institutions and to the state. Read More »

‘Bandh’ Politics

While military intervention may be the solution of last resort, martial law is really no solution. With Pakistan’s government taking measures indirectly helping opposition leader Imran Khan becoming successful bringing Islamabad to a total standstill, the economy will take a significant hit. Read More »

Who Will be Pakistan’s Next Army Chief

Pakistan’s national interests require that the order of seniority must over-ride any personal interest in the selection of next chief of its powerful military, says defense analyst Ikram Sehgal, who recommends that General Zubair Hayat should be the Chairman JCSC and General Ishfaq Nadeem the army chief. Read More »

Mourning and Resistance in Kashmir

India cannot claim to be “the biggest democracy in the world” while refusing to hold a plebiscite in Kashmir. If Scotland, Catalonia, and Crimea can vote to decide their own futures, so should Kashmir. Read More »

Pakistan: Summer’s Discontent

Asif Ali Zardari outburst might be “the defining moment” PPP needed to re-invigorate itself as the dynamic force it once was in Pakistani politics. Read More »

Geopolitics of Pakistan-China Economic Corridor

Advice from China­ to Pakistan­ is unequivocally clear and categorical: develop consensus on the proposed China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Read More »

Pakistan: Peshawar in Peril

You cannot raise an island of peace and prosperity when surrounded by an ocean of political instability, economic adversity, and social discontent. Pakistan's strife-torn northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is caught in a security and governance gridlock. Read More »

Pakistan: Bringing Back Balochistan

Status quo forces have taken on the fragile new government in Quetta. Following months of an uneasy cohabitation, a lethal tug of war between Chief Minister Dr Malik Baloch and the opposition represents the latest in a series of crisis that Pakistan’s southern Balochistan province has been facing since last year. Read More »

Pakistan: A Catalyst at War

Instead of seeking power for power’s sake, Imran must be the catalyst for electoral reform so that only the best, and not the worst, get into Parliament by a correct exercise of the vote to reflect the public aspirations. The people of Pakistan must have genuine democracy, starting at the grassroots level. Read More »