November 21, 2017

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Four Things the Paradise Papers Tell Us About Global Elites

The Paradise Papers reveal how little the world really knows about the level of tax avoidance that takes place. Read More »

Panamagate: Time to Face up the Reality?

Had an issue like Panama Papers leaks confronted a leader next door in India or in Europe, he or she would have faded into history immediately. But in Pakistan, unfortunately, the ruling party is equating the inquiry into the assets of an incumbent prime minister to an attack on democracy. Read More »

Punish the Real Culprit(s)

Maryam Nawaz’s Trump-like tweets notwithstanding, the government seems to have started faltering finding scapegoats in continuing to filibuster punishing the real culprits. Read More »

Pakistan: Neither Run Nor Hide

Theoretical initiatives overwhelmed mostly the practical aspects of combatting corruption. But the “Panama Papers” has drastically changed the anti-corruption landscape, says one analyst. Read More »

Pakistan: Reforming the Justice System

Pakistan’s judicial system is crying out for justice, and for the prevention of abuse of law by the bar and the bench. What is needed is the killing of the propensity to abuse and exploit existing laws. Read More »

Pakistan: Targeting Illegal Money

Those having the power in Pakistan to correct things must not sit on the Constitutional fence anymore, they either face up to their moral obligations or gracefully give way to others who can. Read More »

Pakistan: Corruption is Treason

When democracy with a flawed electoral process is deliberately used to camouflage the criminalizing of society, should one give blind adherence to the Constitution while it is being subverted blatantly by the greedy rulers? Read More »

India: The Problem of Secretive Tax Havens

Panama is a tax haven, but Mauritius is one with which India has a comprehensive double tax treaty. This complicates matters more. Read More »

Explainer: What Are ‘Tax Havens’?

Tax havens such as the Cayman Islands, Switzerland, the British Virgin Islands and Panama have a few key things in common. Read More »