September 25, 2017

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China’s Belt And Road Initiative Still Pushing Coal

Construction crew at Sahiwal coal power plant in Pakistan's Punjab province.

China’s involvement in coal power projects abroad casts a shadow over its first Belt and Road Forum, writes Feng Hao. Read More »

CPEC: Paradoxical Approaches

Awesome View of Makran coastal Highway Near Buzi Pass Balochistan, Pakistan. (Photo by junaidrao, Creative Commons License)

Are Pakistanis taking a whole-of-government approach to coordinate counterterrorism and counter-radicalization strategies? Actions under the National Action Plan and its anti-terrorism operation are impressive, but where is the long-term strategy to replace hard power with the soft power of the state? Read More »

China’s Rocky Silk Road

An engineer of Pakistan's Frontier Works Organization at the road construction site in Pakistan's Balochistan province. The road is part of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. (Photo via APP)

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor has the potential to fundamentally alter the China–Pakistan relationship. Until now China has had the luxury of taking the position that Pakistan’s domestic woes were none of its business. But with the security of thousands of nationals and billions of dollars of investments at stake, China may find itself increasingly drawn into Pakistan’s politics and security concerns.   Read More »

Materializing ‘One Belt One Road’

A view of Makran Coastal Highway. (Photo by junaidrao, Creative Commons License)

“One Belt One Road” concept symbolizing cooperation and understanding of China and Pakistan in economic and other vital areas. Read More »