November 23, 2017

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What Republicans’ Midterm Wins Mean for Obama

There will be big changes on Capitol Hill following the Republicans' electoral wins. But will there be any changes in the policies as well? Read More »

America’s Emerging Minority Power

The Sapient Party is a welcome addition to the diversity of American democracy. The party’s rise is a manifestation of growing frustration of minorities and communities of color with the Republicans and Democratic parties' political bureaucracy which offers little political space to the ethnic minorities. Read More »

Midterm Elections: Too Few Minority Politicians?

Seventy-one percent of elected officials in the US are men. Nine in 10 are white, even though people of color are more than 37% of the population. And indeed, there is ample evidence that white voter bias has stood in the way of racial/ethnic minority candidates. Also the reason for fewer racial and ethnic elected officials winning office is that we have few racial and ethnic minority candidates running for office. Read More »

Midterm Elections: Overall Spending Inches Up in 2014

The 2014 election cycle will cost at least $3.67 billion, or slightly more than the 2010 election, which cost $3.63 billion Read More »