August 21, 2017

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How Can US Combat the Opioid Epidemic?

(ViewsWeek photo)

The opioid crisis isn’t slowing down, but by providing services for individuals who are suffering from addiction and showing just a little bit of human empathy, we can take the first steps toward ending this crisis and creating a climate of recovery for these individuals. Read More »

Will Change in Medicaid Funding Work?

(Photo by rochelle hartman, CC license)

President Trump has proposed a major funding shift for Medicaid, the joint federal-state program that pays for health care for about 75 million poor people. Would the safety net fray if he did so? Read More »

How the Homeless Population is Changing: It’s Older and Sicker

A homeless man sleeping on a New York street. (Photo by Teknorat, Creative Commons License)

Field research in Oakland highlights a major issue that Americans have yet to face up to: how to deal with growing numbers of homeless older people in our streets. Read More »