January 16, 2018

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Instruments of Terror

Pakistan faces the unavoidable specter of an ever-growing Indo-US-Afghan alliance that  requires it to do more in the anti-terror fight. It also needs to clean up its image that became tainted because of its alliances with or support for non-state actors. Read More »

A Swell in US–India Defense Cooperation

The tempered expectations but dependable delivery in the new US–India defense partnership might well come to be marked as the moment when the two parties settled for a more productive, though modest, engagement that translated their mutual strategic visions into practical cooperation in the Indian Ocean and the Asia-Pacific region. Read More »

Modi’s Self-defeating Pakistan Policy

For India, the only way to de-hyphenate itself from Pakistan is to improve relations with Islamabad through bold initiatives. Modi, who has always advocated a more muscular approach to national security, cannot ignore Pakistan, but must also recognize that a hardline approach will create problems for New Delhi. Read More »

New Encirclement in South Asia

The vibes in south Asia are pretty clear now; a nationalist, jingoistic and intelligence-led mindset in New Delhi has turned Afghanistan into the centerpiece of its policy on Pakistan. Regardless of how they position themselves henceforth, the world should not be surprised if the current simmering tensions blew into armed hostilities – even if limited Read More »

India’s ‘Hybrid Warfare’

Pakistan must directly and/or indirectly attack those cells supporting RAW’s hybrid warfare within Pakistan creating internal problems for the South Asian country, argues one analyst after Indian Defense Minister’s public endorsement of using terrorism as a policy tool. Read More »