August 21, 2017

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Are State Department Cuts a Major Setback for Genocide Prevention?

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson addressing reporters after meeting with Foreign Minister Kishida in Tokyo in March this year. (Photo via US Embassy Tokyo, CC license)

Some worry the US is losing its global moral authority under the Trump administration. But a close look at history reveals US leadership is not as strong as it seems. Read More »

Kosovo’s Ottoman City Frozen in Time

A panoramic view of Prizren. (Photo by Lars Olsen, Creative Commons License)

There are some cities in other countries that somehow seem so familiar that you almost feel like you are at home; it is the language you hear, the many familiar words you catch here and there on shop and street signs, and a song which you can easily sing along to. Sometimes the streets, the buildings and maybe the faces ... Read More »

Kosovo’s Secularism Challenged

A mosque in Prizren, a city in Kosovo, with a large population of people of Albanian origin. (Photo by Mac Coates, Creative Commons License)

The Islamic Movement Unite (LISBA) party’s public challenge to Kosovo’s separation of religion and state and the country’s EU agenda will not succeed, an official said.   Foreign Minister Enver Hoxhaj said religious groups are trying to bring Islam into the public discourse and dictate a lifestyle to citizens.   “Kosovo and its citizens are Europeans by history, geography and ... Read More »