December 11, 2017

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Does Iran’s Chabahar Matter?

To utilize CPEC projects to the advantage of Pakistan in a geo-politically loaded environment, Pakistani leaders will need to pull up their socks. Read More »

Pakistan’s Unheralded Fight Against Climate Change

Small steps by Pakistan are helping it create resilience in the face of climate change, an issue the Indus Waters Treaty did not anticipate, and which endangers it. Read More »

Quetta Blast and A Confused Chorus

Pakistan is indeed a victim of a proxy war. Yet, it should ponder over the causes and try to address them. The selective application of its anti-terrorism strategy will hardly be credible. Read More »

Pakistan’s Terror-Stricken Province’s Textbooks Need a Review

A review of textbooks being taught in public schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province offers food for thought to all those who dream of a Pakistani youth raised on ideals of diversity, inclusion, and respect for human and women rights. It also points out how little the textbooks offer in terms of inducing critical and analytical thinking among students. Read More »

Is Pakistan safer?

Pakistan could be safer in 2016 and beyond only if it uses geo-economics as its survival tool, instead of making geo-strategic arguments. Read More »

Pakistan: Tentacles of Terror

Until Pakistan stops short-term tactics such as playing one group against the other, it will remain volatile and prone to recurring political turmoil as well as vulnerable to the nexus of non-state actors and criminal syndicates. Read More »

Pakistan’s Polio Challenge: A Crippling Fear

Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan provinces are prone to a large outbreak of polio if they do not reform their immunization drives. Read More »

Pakistan’s Shias Face Slaughter, Apathy

Tens of thousands of Shias have been slaughtered in a slow genocide over the past several years, yet those who publicly vow to purge Pakistan of the Shia roam free. Read More »

Pakistan: Preserving Society and the Nation

Technicalities cannot hold Pakistan hostage. It must move to implement its “National Action Plan” in letter and spirit to defeat terrorism. This is the moment of truth. Preserving society and the nation must take precedence over everything else. Read More »

Pakistan: Terrorism and Crippled Governance

The Pakistani city of Peshawar continues to bleed and reel from consequences of willful neglect, bad governance and a poor security regime. The writing on the wall is clear: the rot began in Peshawar in the name of jihad and transformed into terrorism in and around its vicinity. The Pakistani establishment owes Peshawar residents an apology for sowing the seeds of dysfunction here. Read More »