September 20, 2017

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War in Perpetuity

(Photo by Cpl. Alex Guerra, CC License)

By any metric, the three-pronged American campaign in Afghanistan — nation-building, fighting against the Taliban and curbing the illicit drug commerce — has not yielded tangible results. But the amount spent on the mission is simply staggering: $1 trillion and counting. The reconciliation drive is a track that has lamentably gone cold and deserves the best possible shot, argues one Pakistani analyst. Read More »

View from India: The Road to China is Through Kabul

(Photos by Nicolas Raymond, CC License)

New possibilities on regional cooperation are emerging, which India should not hesitate to explore. Read More »

Afghanistan’s Coming Water Crisis

River Kabul passing through the Afghan capital. (Photo by koldo, Creative Commons License)

Decades of conflict have left Afghanistan’s water infrastructure in a mess, and as refugees return to the country the prospect of water-related conflicts rises. Read More »

Pakistan-Afghan Relations: Mistrust and Misinformation

The MI-17 helicopter that crash-landed in Afghanistan was identical to the one in the photo. (Photo by Faisal Akram, Creative Commons License)

The rumors that followed the crash-landing of a Pakistani helicopter in Afghanistan point to deeper problems. Read More »

Afghan Peace Process Hostage to Haqqanis?

Head of Afghan High Peace Council Hekmat Khalil Karzai (3rd from left) at a meeting in Kabul. (Photo via

Regardless of what Afghan leaders say the India-factor remains imposing in Kabul’s governance and security structures. It drives apprehensions — however misplaced — in Islamabad. Alleviating those apprehensions in a credible way would probably be the key to turn a leaf in Pak-Afghan relations. Read More »

New Encirclement in South Asia

(From L to R) Indian and Pakistani soldiers shake hands at the two countries' border at Wagah, near Pakistani city of Lahore. (Photo by joshuahsong, Creative Commons License)

The vibes in south Asia are pretty clear now; a nationalist, jingoistic and intelligence-led mindset in New Delhi has turned Afghanistan into the centerpiece of its policy on Pakistan. Regardless of how they position themselves henceforth, the world should not be surprised if the current simmering tensions blew into armed hostilities – even if limited Read More »

Afghanistan’s Cosmetic Surgery ‘Boom’

Hamkar Plastic Surgery Hospital, Kabul.  (Photo by Ali Latifi, via Himal Southasian)

What the recent boom in the cosmetic industry means for the Afghanistan's middle class. Read More »

Turkey’s Role in Post-2014 Afghanistan

A Turkish soldiers greets Hajj pilgrims from Afghanistan. (Photo by isafmedia, Creative Commons License)

One analyst thinks that Turkey's most successful foreign policy has been that practiced in Afghanistan during the past ten years. Read More »

Tightrope Walk for the New Afghan Leader

Some Afghans are asking why elections were held if such a deal was to be struck.  (Photo by  Canada in Afghanistan, Creative Commons License)

International community’s response to Afghanistan’s unity government deal seems to be over-optimistic. It’s a curt reminder of political wheeling and dealing in a nascent democracy that remains mired in primitive tribalism and warlordism. Read More »

The Dangers in Afghanistan’s Political Deal

Secretary of State John Kerry raises hands with  Ashraf Ghani, left, and Abdullah Abdullah, right, at the United Nations Mission Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan on July 12, 2014, after they told reporters about the details of an agreement on a technical and political plan the Secretary helped broker to resolve the disputed outcome of the election between them. (State Department photo, Creative Commons License)

Afghanistan’s new unity government undermines its democratic institutions and many on the Afghan street mince no words to say it. Read More »