November 23, 2017

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Lessons Pakistani Democrats Can Learn from Tom Price

Tom Price's resignation may mean an end to his political career, but it reinforces the trust of millions of voters in the American democracy. What can quasi democracies like Pakistan learn from this episode? Read More »

Mindset That Rules Pakistan

Accountability and compliance with the rule of law probably should be our yardstick for this support of the opposition, instead of looking at it through the eyes of incumbent elites. Read More »

Contempt for the Constitution

Pakistan’s powerful power brokers in Islamabad and province of Sindh, sensing threat of fair accountability, have declared war on state institutions and the law. Read More »

How Will Pakistan Fare in 2017?

Poverty in Pakistan is, in fact, rising, despite all claims by the government and multilateral institutes about economic progress and growth. Read More »

Debt Will Choke Pakistan

The Pakistani predicament…stuffed lions and pompous, chest-beating heroes aplenty but no real leadership. The one hope is that the pressure coming from the Panama Leaks keeps being applied so that by the time of the next elections something cracks and new forces come to the fore. Otherwise its present course, spending way beyond its means, will lead the country to disaster. Read More »

‘Panamanian’ Epidemic

With the camouflage of democracy being openly used to deliberately criminalize society, should one blindly but selectively adhere to the “Constitution” in which corruption does not matter, asks one Pakistani analyst about the emerging political crisis in the South Asian nation following emergence of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s family name in the Panama leaks. Read More »

Pakistan: Staying the Course

Pakistan’s Army finds itself in familiar territory of a twilight zone, being asked by the politicians to make sacrifices while the politicians themselves simultaneously badmouth them, the Army’s patience is visibly wearing thin. Terrorism is an existential threat, our politicians excel in doublespeak, they cannot go scot-free while the national fabric is being destroyed. Read More »

Pakistan’s Fail-Safe Line of Constitutional Morality

When bad governance makes democracy delusional, applying common-sense logic to conscience someone must find the moral courage to cross the hypothetical fail-safe line to save the country from the predators in control! Read More »

Afghanistan, TTP and the Silk Road

For all intents and purposes, Pakistan is now entering the third phase of the war against extremists. The first phase was the Musharraf era, followed by Kayani-Zardari timeframe, and now Nawaz Sharif and the next army chief, will own the third and crucial stage of this struggle. Nawaz Sharif started his tenure focusing on the economy. However, the ground reality ... Read More »