November 25, 2017

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Asia And The Threat to Global Economic Security

While it is true that US engagement in Asia was never going to be secured or defined by the TPP but by broader US economic and political interests, those longstanding US interests in Asia are now also being tested by President Trump. Read More »

Why the Fed is no Longer Center of the Financial Universe

Market speculation on whether the Fed will raise rates is reaching fever pitch, but the central bank no longer has the pull it once did. Read More »

Is Indonesia Trapped in the Middle?

Indonesia has only recently graduated to middle-income status. And while moderately strong economic growth means that is not in any sense ‘trapped’, it will have to overcome the problems holding back its growth as it moves up through the middle-income ranks. Read More »

Asia and the Curse of Islamophobia

Political leaders in Asia may help to check the conflation of Islam with violence and radicalization if they join in common cause with a plurality of states against radical violence and in favor of religious tolerance and mutual respect. Read More »

Growing Food Trade, Shrinking Self-Sufficiency

Growing demand for food and fuel has put pressure on the world’s agricultural lands to produce more. Now, a trend in “land grabbing” has emerged, as wealthy countries lease or buy farms and agribusiness in poorer countries to ensure their own future supplies. Read More »

Indonesia’s Bold 2015 Budget Strategy

Indonesia's budget is a bold strategy to change the direction of its economy. But, the rush for results is a risky strategy because it could delay essential reform and harm the government’s credibility if the budget’s ambitious targets are not met. Read More »

2004 Tsunami: Aceh’s Unfinished Recovery

The tenth anniversary of the tsunami is a time for remembrance and reflection; it also offers us an opportunity to recommit our efforts to help Aceh and other tsunami-affected communities complete their unfinished recovery. So much has already been invested in rebuilding these societies. What is now needed is renewed momentum to complete the last mile so that the response to the tsunami can be a proud legacy for us all. Read More »

Time to Rethink Economic Policies in Indonesia

With the recent election of a new president, now is a good time to focus on improving the quality of economic policymaking. To begin, how should Indonesia make use of its rich natural resources? Broadly speaking, these can be used either to finance consumption or to create productive assets that will generate future income. Read More »

Conflict in Indonesia’s Papua Region

The clearing of forests inhabited by indigenous people in Indonesia’s Papua* Region by agribusinesses is fueling conflict in the southern Merauke Regency, say campaigners.   “Indigenous peoples rely on their land for their survival and therefore any incursion onto their land creates serious problems for any community,” Sophie Grig, a senior campaigner for Survival International, a UK-based indigenous rights advocacy ... Read More »

Indonesia Needs Confidence in Economic Integration

Indonesia has benefited significantly from opening up to trade and investment. It responded without hesitation to plummeting revenues from oil exports in the early 1980s with sweeping reforms to reduce tariffs, non-tariff barriers, red tape in customs clearance and procedures for obtaining business permits. These reforms spurred the expansion of light-manufacturing industries and helped the economy reach a steady rate of ... Read More »