August 16, 2017

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Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Only Weakens the U.S.

Participants of a pro-Muslim rally in New York. (Photo by Saleem Ahmad Malik)

The White House's new Muslim ban does nothing to protect us. Rather than pursuing a global, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim agenda policy that harms the United States’ reputation at home and abroad, the White House would be better served by recognizing the many contributions of immigrants to both our economy and our communities. Read More »

Trump’s Revised Travel Ban Still Faces Legal Challenges

New York's JFK Airport was scene of spontaneous protests after President Trump's first immigration order on jan 27th. (Photo by ViewsWeek)

The revised ban allows entry to citizens of Iraq, but continues to block citizens of six other Muslim majority nations. Read More »

Refugee Journeys: Two Eritreans in Sudan

(Photo by Andrea Moroni, Creative Commons License)

Two young women reflect on their decision to flee Eritrea, a small state that produces one of the highest rates of asylum seekers in the world. Read More »

Immigrant Crisis Causes Outcry in Europe

North African immigrants, Lampedus. (Photo by Extremismalert)

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has responded to the public outcry over the immigration crisis by urging European leaders to show solidarity and resist the message of populist parties. Read More »

Immigration Relief Measures for Nepali Nationals

Candles at a vigil organized by a Nepali community organization in Jackson Heights, New York, in memory of the Nepal earthquake disaster victims. (Photo via Khasokhas, New York)

The USCIS has announced that the US-based immigrants from Nepal may be eligible for several immigration relief measures. Read More »

Hate Speech and Intolerance

(Photo by looking4poetry, Creative Commons License)

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, has drawn global attention towards intolerance and racism that is unfolding in many European countries amid fierce debate over illegal immigrant workers who were heading towards the continent in search of a better future. Read More »

Friends Like These

By largely letting hardliners dictate its immigration policy, the GOP is alienating Latino voters. (Photo Victoria Pickering, Creative Commons License)

GOP presidential hopefuls are cozying up to anti-immigrant extremists and right-wing billionaires. Read More »

The Visa Curse

(Photo by shankar s., Creative Commons License)

Thousands of legal U.S. immigrants are stuck choosing between living here with their spouses or staying behind and pursuing their careers. Read More »

Is Immigration Solution for Japan’s Declining Population?

(Photo by Spreng Ben, Creative Commons License)

Unless Japan can devise policy strategies either to arrest the decline of its population or deal effectively with its impacts, in the long run the country will find its path to sustained economic growth blocked. Read More »

Immigration: 5 Facts About Legal Challenges to Executive Action

A Pakistani activist Shahid Comrade at a New York City rally demanding end to deportations. (Photo by Michael Fleshman, Creative Commons License)

Recent lawsuits that challenge executive action on immigration are unlikely to proceed. They miss the legal rationale for the action and ignore the large economic benefits it could bring. Read More »