September 23, 2017

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Can the Violence in Honduras Be Stopped?

The Honduran communities of Villanueva and Nueva Suyapa come together to create graffiti and other actions to help end violence against women and girls during the #orangeurhood campaign. (Photo by CPTRT, Creative Commons License)

Nearly 100 percent of the murders in Honduras' second city go unsolved. Community development, not militarization, is the answer. Read More »

Violence is Causing Children to Flee Central America

(Video screenshot via Vox video)

Considering the high levels of violence in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, meeting the challenge of caring for child refugees at United States' southern border will require both short- and long-term solutions. Read More »

Unstoppable Tide of Child Migrants to the US

(Photo by Xomiele, Creative Commons License)

In the first five months of 2014 more than 47,000 unaccompanied minors were detained whilst trying to enter the US illegally. The influx has posed a political as well as humanitarian problem for Obama administration. Eager to score political points, Republicans claim that the current crisis is the result of the Obama administration’s lax policy migration, and particularly the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Read More »

Farmers Seek to Secure Food Sovereignty in Honduras

A farmer digs irrigation channels for his maize crop during Honduras' intense dry season. (Photo by by CIAT International Center for Tropical Agriculture)

In many Honduran communities, men and women awake at dawn to tend the land to feed their families. The hillsides and valleys at daybreak smell of freshly made coffee and damp earth, so much so it’s a part of the national identity. Nevertheless, the campesinos are one of the most vulnerable populations in a country where land scarcity is a daily battle. ... Read More »