January 16, 2018

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The Pall That the Tax Package is Casting Over Charities

Giving could decline by $21 billion or more per year. Read More »

Senate GOP Opens Health Care Debate. Now What?

Mitch McConnell gets a win, and the Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare will be debated in the Senate. Read More »

Republican Health Care Bills Defy the Party’s Own Ideology

The health care bill proposed by Senate Republicans was little better than the House version, which begs an important question: Who's driving health care law – a free market, or insurance companies? Read More »

Republicans Fumble ACA Repeal: Expert Reaction

Trump cuts bait, Ryan loses his nerve – and the Obamacare repeal goes down without a vote. What's next for Congress and the GOP? Read More »

Political Ads: Dark Money Dominating Senate Contests

Dark money groups — 501(c) tax-exempt organizations — have been behind 28,551 ads in Senate races so far, compared with 16,102 paid for by super PACs. Read More »

What Trumpism Means for Democracy

American democracy has been failing for decades, so a disturbing number of us are turning to authoritarianism. Is Trump our Juan Perón? Read More »

NYC is King of Presidential Contributions

New Yorkers poured more cash into presidential politics last year than residents of any other American metro area. With nearly $66 million donated to Republican and Democratic candidates’ campaigns and the outside groups like super PACs backing them, the city was the candidates’ top source of both direct campaign contributions and super PAC funds. Read More »

The Path to 270 in 2016

Both the structural demographic changes and geographic patterns of support in the electorate suggest slight advantages for Democrats in 2016. In no way, however, do these factors preclude Republicans from taking the right steps to amass a national majority and Electoral College victory. Read More »

What the GOP’s Putting Under Corporate America’s Tree

This year-end tax package is a grab bag of gifts for corporations and a lump of coal for working families. Read More »

Baseball’s Ethnic Tensions Run Deeper Than Bat Flips

Why do white players seem so intent on preserving an unspoken set of rules? Read More »