January 16, 2018

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Davos 2017 Season

Davos is a unique opportunity to showcase Pakistan. But a handful of Pakistani businessmen at are unable to shoulder the burden of projecting Pakistan. Read More »

Allies or Antagonists

Is the Pakistan-US relationship strained and checkered because of the frustrations in Afghanistan, or is it a façade for something else? Read More »

Pakistan: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Facing revelations of money-laundering that have not as yet been credibly explained, Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is “prima facie” guilty until proven innocent. He must do the right thing while he can, tomorrow might be too late. Read More »

Untying the Afghan Knot

As 2016 begins, leaders in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan should bury the hatchet, give up proxy wars, and give way to confidence instead of suspicion. They must share responsibilities and together defeat the enemies of peace and progress. Read More »

Making Pakistan’s Anti-terror War More Effective

Pakistan needs reforms in its criminal justice system to strengthen anti-terrorism institutions, which remains on the wish list rather than actual implemented measures. Read More »

Afghanistan’s Security and the US

President Obama’s decision to delay the withdrawal of all US forces post 2016 is a positive initiative for the future of Afghanistan. This decisive measure will impact stability positively in a strategic but very dangerous region of the world. Read More »

Pakistan: Integration and Extension

Fifteen months before his retirement a debate has started about giving General Raheel Sharif an extension “a la Kayani”.  Raheel has managed to do more in his 21 months as COAS than all those predecessors of his who served far beyond their normal term of three years or more put together. Read More »

Pakistan: Delusional Democracy

Honesty and integrity is a zero-sum game that will not spare violation thereof by anyone, whoever and whatever he (or she) may be. The “Raheel Doctrine” is clear and unambiguous as it should be to save Pakistan from anarchy. Read More »

Pakistan: The Doctrine of Necessity

For the justice delivered by military courts to have credibility, Pakistan’s military must submit themselves to self-accountability. Read More »

Afghan Peace Talks: Pakistan in a Quandary – Again

With its peace plan stalled, Islamabad is wary of ‘spoilers and detractors’ in Afghanistan. Read More »