September 20, 2017

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Afghanistan’s Coming Water Crisis

River Kabul passing through the Afghan capital. (Photo by koldo, Creative Commons License)

Decades of conflict have left Afghanistan’s water infrastructure in a mess, and as refugees return to the country the prospect of water-related conflicts rises. Read More »

Why Ethiopia and Egypt Aren’t Fighting a Water War

The Tekeze Dam is built on a tributary of the Nile in Ethiopia. (Photo by International Rivers, Creative Commons License)

There were times last year, when the rhetoric in Cairo reached fever pitch, that some kind of conflict between Ethiopia and Egypt over the waters of the Nile seemed inevitable. It hasn’t come to that, and nor will it, if history is anything to go by. Read More »

Is Africa’s Land up for Grabs?

An aerial view of fields in Laikipia County, Kenya. Photo: (Photo by Panos/Frederic Courbet, via Africa Renewal)

An apparent surge in the purchase of African land by foreign companies and governments to grow food and other crops for export has set alarm bells ringing on and off the continent. The headlines have been strident: “The Second Scramble for Africa Starts,” “Quest for Food Security Breeds Neo-Colonists,” “Food Security or Economic Slavery?”   The outcries reflect the continuing ... Read More »